Curious Grace

Reindeer Rug


Beautiful reindeer hide rug to add an element of luxury to your interiors. Each piece is completely unique and has its own characteristics. Reindeer hides are quite different from cowhides and should not be considered as hard-wearing rugs. Reindeer hides are typically regarded as being for ornamental purposes and should not be frequently stepped on, sat on or walked on for lengthy periods of time if they are to maintain their condition. If looked after properly, a reindeer hide rug should last for many years. At first the hide will malt by shedding a little of its fur, this should be regarded as normal. When this ocurrs, simpy take your rug outside and shake off the shedded fur every few weeks. After roughly a month the hairs on the hide should settle down and moulting will be less frequent. As reindeer hides are usually relatively waterproof by natural means, they can easily be used both inside and outside the home. however, if the hide does get wet, then it should be allowed to dry out naturally - ideally in bright natural sunlight which also naturally serves to disinfect the hide. Reindeer hides should not be placed in front of a fireplace or high tempurature source, as extreme warmth or drying out will lead to the hide shedding or moulting. In tropical areas, the hair will be more prone to moulting and shedding. It is recommended that the hide is placed outside for one day every month. For general maintenance, gently vacuum the hide using the delicate brush accessory to massage the rug rather than the smaller suction attachement. Shaking the rug outdoors is the best cleaning method. Dimensions: 4.13 cubic metres Materials: Natural Reindeer hide

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