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Nulla Wool Cushion

Since 1996, Better World Arts has been working with Australian Aboriginal artists from remote communities, from Arnhem Land to Central and the Western Desert regions, from rural locations and from cities. As well as this, the brand also strives to work with work with traditional artisans from remote regions in Kashmir, Peru, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh and Nepal (Tibetan refugees) to produce beautiful, handcrafted pieces that are unique and tell the story of where they came from.

These beautiful, unique cushions are a cross-cultural collaboration combining Aboriginal designs and traditional Kashmiri rug-making techniques. Chain stitched, using hand dyed wool, each is a completely handmade piece. This project is unusual because it is owned by the artists, rather than licensed to a third party. A more empowering way to work, this brings many direct benefits, with purchase of these products guaranteeing a direct return to the Aboriginal artist and their community.

This cushion depects a very important woman’s story for the artist, Nelly Patterson. Its a story about the strong woman’s culture. Nelly sings the story while she is painting. Nelly is worried for her peoples culture and special ceremonial songs. Nelly tells the story like this.There are many women sitting together, young old and middle age women. All the elders begin singing together and the middle age people join in, singing and dancing. The women begin having a big ceremony. It is very important ceremony for all these women. The elders tell the middle age women not to tell the young people the sacred songs because they are not keeping them secret and safe. The orange circle symbolises a nulla nulla which is special tool also used for dancing.

Dimensions: 40cm x 40cm

Materials: Wool cushion cover

Cushion sold with feather insert.
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