Muna Chair in Hillingdon Fabric

If handcrafted quality makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, this chair, with characteristic rounded backrest is perfect for you. for you. One might almost think it was carved from a single piece of wood, but looks can be deceiving. Gazzda's best woodworkers have carefully crafted this solid oak timber so that its various layers blend seamlessly together in a work demonstrating pure craftsmanship. Every bit of Muna is polished for hours on end, giving the chair a smooth, fluid feel. It's feather-light, making it easily transferable around your home, allowing you to place it anywhere you wish to kick back and take the weight off your tired feet. Perhaps what is most remarkable about this skilfully crafted chair is the distinctive (almost) floating seat, giving rise to a nordic, contemporary feel. The beautifully upholstered seat comes in an all natural fabric or top grain leather.

Dimensions: 48cm (W) X 48cm (D) X 79cm (H)

Materials: Oak frame with main line flax fabric

Fabric Colour: Hillingdon ML41

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