Curious Grace

Icelandic Pouf in White

This luxurious pouffe is a real statement piece to add to any room. Use yours as a comfortable low seat or a footrest. Enjoy this soft and fluffy sheepskin in the bedroom, living room or anywhere else to compliment your style.

Includes fill. 

Note: this pouf is made from ethically sourced by-products from the meat industry and has been processed under strict environmentally friendly directives set down by the European Union. We want you to have peace of mind when enjoying this sustainable home decor accessory knowing it is safe for people, pets and the environment.

Care: natural sheepskin is not difficult to care for. Brush the hair with a pet brush, and shake the pouffe regularly to keep it fluffy. Spot clean with a damp cloth. You don't need any cleaning agents or chemicals. Allow your Icelandic sheepskin pouffe to dry in the shade after cleaning, and it will stay fresh and beautiful for many years to come. Keep the pouffe out of direct sunlight to prevent damaging and drying the skin.

Size: Approx 70cm x 70cm x 30cm

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