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Flip Flop Slip Medium Rectangle in White

by The Fortynine Studio

Handmade Stoneware by Fortynine Studios

Flip Flop Slip is a range of ceramic tableware, bowls, serving dishes and platters designed and handmade by The Fortynine Studio. This range borrows form and texture from found vessels and remnant textiles. Produced in small quantities, each piece is made and painted by hand, using local stoneware clays and a limited palette of colours developed specifically for the product. Handmade in Sydney, Australia.

11cm (W) x 15.5cm (H) approx

180g/ 0.4lb approx

Handmade stoneware medium bowl decorated with slip and pigments prior to glazing and firing. Surface textures from handwoven textiles.

Product Care
• Flip Flop Slip pieces are microwave, oven, dishwasher and food safe.
• The pieces can be used for baking.
• Liquid or gel detergent (as opposed to an abrasive detergent) is recommended to avoid dulling or clouding of glaze over time.
• When loading a dishwasher or stacking pieces in a drying rack, take care that the pieces are not touching one another to avoid any knocks to the edges.
• Store the pieces stacked no higher than six.
• When placing ceramics on top of other items such as furniture, please take care to avoid scratching the other items.

• Each platter is unique, produced in small quantities
• Size, colour and finish will vary slightly from piece to piece
• The qualities showcased are intentional and reflect the genuine handmade nature of each piece

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