Toscana Cotton Caress King Dual 9 - Firm


Part of the Toscana range by Magniflex, the Cotton Caress Dual 9 offers the perfect solution for those wanting to have an optional level of comfort in the one mattress.

Find it hard to decide which mattress to buy? This mattress solves the dilemma. Two in One.

This clever mattress consists of two separate single mattresses joined within a cover.

Each single mattress offers different levels of comfort that suits the varying preferences of each sleeper, should different level of softness be required for two individuals.

Adjusting one side of the mattress is easy.

  • Simply choose your preferred level of comfort (firm or medium).
  • Unzip the mattress cover and flip your half of the mattress depending on comfort preference.
  • Your partner can then do the same with their half of the mattress.

The Toscana Dual 9 offers a firm level of support. When the mattress is flipped over to adjust comfort level, the ecogreen layer faces upwards, resulting in a firmer feel. The ecogreen layer on the Dual 9 is 4cm thinner than that on the Dual 10 and therefore offers a firmer feel, thoughIt should be noted the sleeper will still get the memory foam experience from the geomemory quilted into the cover.

This collection combines the support of Magniflex memory foam with essential oils, which increase relaxation and the extract of Aloe Vera favors regeneration during sleep.

All fabrics are eco-friendly and certified organic, issued with the Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification.

Two exclusive materials have been utilised in the Toscana collection: Ecogreen and Geomemory. Ecogreen is flexible yet firm, ideal to ensure perfect alignment of the shoulders, back and limbs. Geomemory supports the various body parts independently, adapting most naturally to the contours of the body. All models come with a mattress cover in organic cotton that is fresh and comfortable to the touch, combined with a 3D band to guarantee maximum breathability.


Queen Mattress: 153cm (W) x 23cm (H) x 203cm (L)

King Mattress: 183cm (W) x 23cm (H) x 203cm (L)


Organic cotton, padding in Geomemory (2cm), padding in hypoallergenic fiber, geomemory (3cm), ecogreen (16cm)

Product Care
• Remove external casing carefully without using cutting tools or sharp edges that might damage the mattress cover.
• Vacuum packed mattress should be opened within one month from date of purchase.
• Mattress cover may be slightly wrinkled after opening. This should disappear within a few hours.
• It will resume its shape to the extent of 100% after 24 hours from opening.
• Product may emit an odour due to the nature of the materials of which it consists. This odour will gradually fade.
• Do not use bases without slats (flat surface). This does not allow air to circulate in mattress and retains moisture which would result the formation of mould inside and on the bottom of the mattress.
• Protect mattress with appropriate mattress cover against liquids, stains and moisture stagnation.
• When turning the mattress, never fully leverage on the handles but on the internal structure of the mattress.
• Avoid using electric blankets or a heat source that can damage the materials of the mattress, particularly in the case of latex, memory and gel mattresses.

For more information visit the Link to Dual Core instructional videohere.

• 12 year warranty
• Open the packaging within and no later than 1 month from the acquisition date of the mattress
• Manufactured with certified materials Oeko-Tex
• Rotate head/feet every month
• Cover is removable and washable
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