Mustafa Cohadzic - Gazzda Furniture Design

Furniture design is in Mustafa's DNA: he comes from a family of artisans, and his dad handcrafts furniture. As a teenager, he was already designing and constructing his own pieces in the family workshop. Mustafa has evolved into a devoted product designer, and designed his first piece for Gazzda in 2016. For Mustafa, the magic words in furniture design are functionality, aesthetics, and kick-ass simplicity.

Mustafa is also Gazzda’s resident rock star. He plays the drums and guitar and often bursts into song. Around Gazzda, Mustafa is always ready to share a laugh. They know him as the man of 1,000 talents – from product design to music to photography to art direction. Want his opinion? He’ll give it to you, direct and unfiltered. Even his communication is about simplicity.

When he’s not cloning his design DNA in the Gazzda studio or serenading friends and colleagues, you’ll find Mustafa relaxing in his enchanted forest, enjoying the quiet life in the small town of Fojnica. After all, rock stars need a break from all the paparazzi.

Mustafa Cohadzic

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