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Modular Sofa

A modular sofa is the perfect solution when you’re looking to mix up your interior but aren’t ready for a full redesign. Such a sofa allows you the chance to shift and change the style of your home interior or professional space by offering flexibility in style.

Often overlooked, a modular sofa offers what its static counterpart cannot; instant versatility, flexibility and accessibility to a new style within seconds.

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Redesign Your Space Any Time

This type of sofa is referred to as “modular” because it can be broken down into different modules. It’s sometimes also referred to as a sectional. It doesn’t take much to rearrange this type of sofa and it’s often as simple as shifting the pieces around with no tools or extra maintenance required. That’s why they’re a perfect choice if you need something that provides versatility far into the future.

You can break these sofas up to make smaller, individual seats. You can also change the shape of the sofa by shifting it around. Enjoy a simple linear shape or move a section off to the side and create something that fits neatly into a corner.

Ideal for Professional Spaces

The needs of a professional space are forever changing. Whether your waiting room or cafe space has become inadequate for the needs of your clientele, or you find that the company break room could do with more seating; the cost of making these changes can become extensive over time.

Modular seating is perfect for these situations because of its versatility. It can save you from purchasing new seating to fit a changing space. It can also be split apart to provide seating in multiple areas.

Excellent for when You’re Entertaining

If you love to entertain, a modular sofa is a perfect design solution for your home. This style of sofa can be especially helpful when you’re working with limited space, as it can be broken down into various segments to best suit your space. Your lounge room can be set up one way for daily use, but easily transitioned to create more space when you have company.

Experience Ultimate Versatility

If you’re one of those design addicts who loves to redesign your space frequently, or you simply need to be able to make room for the changing needs of your family lifestyle or business, a good modular sofa is the perfect answer.

Its versatility makes it an easy and inexpensive solution for those who wish to create a fluid space without having to undertake an entire redesign.

Find Your New Sofa at Curious Grace

We carry products from around the world, and our sofas go far beyond the modular variety.
Take some time to browse through our various collections to find something perfectly suited to your needs. If you’re looking for a little professional guidance, our expert staff and interior stylists are available for consultation. Stop by one of our shops or check out our online store today.

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