Magniflex Cotton Experience 9

Made in Italy, the Magniflex Cotton Experience 9 mattress features an organic soy cotton cover with Ecogreen and Geomemory foam padding. This mattress is breathable and provides medium support and strong embracing materials.

Level of comfort
Medium Firm

Organic Cotton

Geomemory Memoform Padding (2cm)
Flexible and hardwearing, adheres naturally to body shapes. Head, shoulders, arms, hips and legs are independently supported and balanced according to correct weight distribution.

Hypoallergenic Fibre
Allergy free and breathable fibre padding. Not chemically treated.

Ecogreen (18cm)
Provides firm orthopedic support that ensures correct alignment of the body. Has molecular composition which eases the breathability of the fabrics and keeps the mattress fresh and dry. Includes also a mixture of natural and beneficial essences such as essential oils and plant extracts for the prevention of rheumatic complaints, as well as Aloe Vera for regenerating properties.

Product Care
• Product may emit an odour due to the nature of the materials of which it consists. This odour will gradually fade.
• Do not use bases without slats (flat surface). This does not allow air to circulate in mattress and retains moisture which would result the formation of mould inside and on the bottom of the mattress.
• Protect mattress with appropriate mattress cover against liquids, stains and moisture stagnation.
• When turning the mattress, never fully leverage on the handles but on the internal structure of the mattress.
• Avoid using electric blankets or a heat source that can damage the materials of the mattress, particularly in the case of latex, memory and gel mattresses.

• 12 year warranty
• Open the packaging within and no later than 1 month from the acquisition date of the mattress
• Manufactured with certified eco-friendly materials OEKO-TEK
• Rotate head/feet every month

  • Queen: 153cm (W) x 23cm (H) x 203cm (L), King: 183cm (W) x 23cm (H) x 203cm (L), King Single: 107cm (W) x 23cm (H) x 203cm (L)

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