Designer Homewares in Melbourne

At Curious Grace we stock beautifully curated collections of homewares in Melbourne and Sydney, which will help transform your house into a home.

Our covetable designer homeware comes from some of the coolest Australian and European brands and includes everything from artwork and lighting to bedding, kitchenware and mirrors. Each of these pieces has been carefully hand chosen due to its unique story and individual aesthetic. Every home should be as unique as the individuals who live there, and buying original accessories that perfectly suit your style tastes is what truly transforms a house into a beloved home.

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Turn Your House Into a Home

When it comes to choosing accessories for your home, there are several types to choose from. Those that are purely decorative, those that are strictly functional and those that fall somewhere in between. We’ve chosen homewares that are aesthetically beautiful while still offering you all the functionality you need. Our collection includes a wide range of Australian and international designers and brands, including Normann Copenhagen, Marble Basics and One Another.

Take our kitchenware collection for example; our ceramic mugs are hand-finished to ensure that no two are exactly alike, but are durable enough to withstand the dishwasher. And items such as simple napkins are hand embroidered for an exclusive touch. Even our paper towel holder, with its intuitive design and sturdy marble base, is an example of how aesthetics and function combine.

Our homeware range doesn’t just stop at necessities but includes things that are purely decorative too. After all, nobody can say with absolute certainty that they need one of the cute ‘Little Bird’ figures from Normann Copenhagen, but we bet you’ll find it difficult to resist picking one up.

Or how about a limited edition piece of artwork from artists such as Tory Burke, Scott Petrie, Stan Piechaczek, Bonnie and Neill and other locally based artists? Imagine how one or more of these pieces of contemporary art would look adorning the walls of your home?

It’s the Finishing Touches that Matter

The team here at Curious Grace have worked hard to put together a collection of luxury homewares, furniture and furnishings that will enhance any modern and contemporary Australian home, which you can see and purchase in our homeware stores in Melbourne and Sydney. But we also want to spread the love a little wider afield, so we’ve made it possible for you to buy our designer homewares online through our e-store.

It’s the finishing touches that make your home personal to you, and it’s the quality and choice of your accessories that give your home its own personal style. If, however, you’re finding it difficult to create the look you want, contact our interior design team who can help you with everything from planning a room layout to planning the details. We’ve years of experience in assisting homemakers just like you to create a home that they love.

Buy Designer Homewares in Melbourne from Curious Grace

So, why not pop down to one of Melbourne stores in either Clifton Hill or Yarraville and see our collections for yourself? We’re open 7 days a week for convenient shopping, and our Curious Grace teams would love to meet you.

Choosing Your Home Decor From Curious Grace

At Curious Grace our team has made it their number one mission to provide bespoke, exclusive decor for homes throughout Australia. We have created a store of designer homeware and decor that will complete every room in your house, from the lounge to the bathroom to the kitchen.

We’re incredibly proud of the exquisite accessories that we offer our clients, but we also know that there’s a whole lot from which to choose. Your home is your baby and being able to decorate it is every homeowner's dream, but selecting the right stuff for the look you want without an interior decorator can be somewhat overwhelming. So we thought we should give you some help on how to choose the right designer decor from Curious Grace for your home.

Make a mood board

Planning is key when it comes to decorating your home, and we find that mood boards are a wonderful way to visualise what it is that you are looking for. This allows you to brainstorm the colours, patterns, textures and vibe that really catch your eye.

Don’t be afraid to add some personality

Your home is a blank canvas, and while it’s always great to follow the newest trends in decor and homewares in Melbourne, it’s equally as important to inject some of your personality into the place. So if one of our quirky accessories like Goggles the Goldfish by Mr Pinchy & Co grabs your attention then don’t shy away. It’s always encouraged to put your own stamp on the house.

Work carefully with colour

Working with colour can be tricky, especially if you want to achieve a high-end, luxury look while still maintaining some fun. It’s always better to go with small pops of colour rather than making the whole room the same shade. If you want orange in your lounge, rather go for one orange statement chair for example, so as not to overwhelm the room.

Strike a balance

One of the things we are most proud of at Curious Grace is our ability to offer our clients high-end, exquisite designer items that aren’t just aesthetically pleasing but that bring warmth to the home too. When decorating your home, remember that also it’s important to stick to the theme; you should also consider the furniture and accessories that will make your house a home, rather than a showpiece.

Take your time

Decorating your home is a hugely exciting experience and we know that you want to buy it all get it finished, but the truth is that good things take time. Don’t rush the process just to see the final product; relax and take your time selecting the items that will transform every room in your home.

Use our free interior styling service

If selecting the items and decorating your own home is just a tad too much or you’d simply prefer to let the professionals help you along - at Curious Grace we have a fabulous team of interior decorators that are there to offer advice and help all of our customers. If you’d like to take advantage of these experienced professionals, then simply let us know, and we’ll make sure the team is on hand to help you design your perfect home.

Curious Grace is the best designer furniture shop that delivers Australia wide, with showrooms in Melbourne & Sydney. They have a large range of furniture, from contemporary to Danish. Browse our website or call us to learn more.

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