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Ethnicraft Designer Dining Tables, Coffee Tables, Side Tables & Bedroom Furniture

Ethnicraft, the sensual familiarity of solid wood. Ethnicraft is a Belgian designed, environmentally conscience furniture range supporting dining tables, king and queen solid timber beds, sideboards, study desks and more.

Authentic, warm and natural, functional and sturdy. Competitively-priced delivery of Ethnicraft right across Australia, Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane.

  • Solid Oak wood
  • European design
  • High quality construction.

Pure lines respect the naturalness of the solid European oak timber.

Speak to one of our qualified interior designers, stylists or furniture professionals today to help you with your furniture selection of Ethnicraft.

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An Ethnicraft Table is Always One-of-a-Kind

Unsurpassed quality is enough to set any brand apart, but we like to deliver more than expert craftsmanship at Curious Grace. We’re forever looking for new items that will delight our customers with interesting design and beautiful aesthetic. Our company was founded on a true love for design and style and we leave no stone unturned in our search.

That’s why we’re excited to bring you furniture from Ethnicraft. A table is not just a table, after all. It’s an important part of your room. Whether it’s a professional space or your home, everything in it should support the design and complement your unique style. Ethnicraft uses solid wood to manufacture all their furniture, so each piece is truly one-of-a-kind.

Rich Woodgrains Make Every Piece Unique

By using all-natural whole woods, every item features the natural grain of the tree from which it was made. Each species of tree has unique colouring with a distinctive pattern to its grain. This pattern will also vary within individual trees of the same species which means that no two pieces of furniture will be exactly alike. All the chairs in a set will match, but no two will ever be exactly the same.

Woodgrain patterns are created by the growth of the tree over time. They vary by species because of a difference in the shape and width of the limbs. Trees also form knots when short limbs fail to grow completely and this can further distinguish the grain of the wood


Wood harvested from Oak trees has a light, cream-toned colour overall. It is created by the interplay of soft white and amber shades mixed with dark browns. These form straight lines that are intersected by wide and rounded patterns created by limb growth. Knots appear as small, tight circles in deep amber hues.


Teak has a golden tone that ranges from light to dark shades. It features striations that are more varied than the lines found in oak grain. These trees are thinner than oaks with smaller limbs that have an elliptical shape to their growth. This creates longer, more oval patterns and the lines in teak wood often radiate out from these points.


The overall hue of Walnut wood is a deep brown, sometimes with a purple undertone. While teakwood has a more kinetic grain with sharply angled lines, walnut features more of a gentle wave pattern. As with teakwood, this pattern tends to emerge from where limbs had originally grown. These areas are also more oval-shaped in this species of wood, but they are also much less pronounced than in teak and oak.

Choose Woodgrains According to Your Style

Ethnicraft products are made to use the natural wood grain as an accent to the overall design of the furniture. A simple stool with a rounded top becomes a stunning accent when the seat is crafted from high-quality oak.

Walnut is excellent if you need dark colours or a more muted pattern. Oak has a much lighter hue with a pattern that stands out. Teak is between these two in colour with a pattern that doesn’t stand out quite as much as the other varieties.

Fill Your Environment with Natural Beauty

No matter what grain of wood you choose, you’ll always get excellent craftsmanship and beautiful design from Ethnicraft. That’s why we’re proud to offer a selection of their furniture at Curious Grace. Order from our online shop, or stop by one of our locations and work with our interior stylists to find the perfect piece to complete your interiors.

Curious Grace is the best designer furniture shop that delivers Australia wide, with showrooms in Melbourne & Sydney. They have a large range of furniture, from contemporary to Danish. Browse our website or call us to learn more.

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