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Danish Furniture Crafted By Modern & Award Winning Designers

Danish furniture style and design differs from the traditional Danish Modern furniture commonly associated with the Kaare Klint “church” chair, Poul Henningsen “artichoke” pendants or the Jacobsen “Egg” occasional chair. Curious Grace offers a selective take on Danish Modern and Danish style furniture design.


Feelgood Designs Furniture range

Bringing internationally recognised designers from around the globe, Feelgood Designs have a reputation of high quality products designed and manufactured exceptionally well. The Takahashi range of tables and chairs, the famous 167 table and 250 chairs are solid American Oak furniture pieces with that classic Danish furniture style: tapered legs, clean edges, and simplicity. [browse Feelgood Designs furniture]

Copine Furniture Range by Sean Dix

Without attempting to describe the contemporary design of this furniture range it would be fair to say that Sean Dix, a resident of the Hong Kong International design hub, has captured at least two essences: modern danish furniture design, and contemporary industrial. Powder-coated metal in white or black frame timber in either American white oak, or American black walnut. Dining tables, dining chairs, and coffee tables comprise the Copine furniture range. [browse Copine]

Karpenter Vintage Danish Style Furniture

Karpenter Vintage furniture range is a modern take on traditional Danish furniture design. Designed by a French furniture designer the classic Danish tapered lines, raw look finish, and choice of three natural timbers: recycled FSC certified teak, European white oak, and American black walnut make this a versatile and complete furniture range. [browse Karpenter Vintage]


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Danish Furniture is Designedly Uncomplicated

We believe that design tells a story about the hands that crafted it, and good design is created by master storytellers. Modern Danish furniture has become a commonly sought after design style thanks to key players and design innovators, seeing traditional pieces now become staples in the modern home.

The simple, clean aesthetic of Danish furniture is uncomplicated by design. With sharp lines and a neutral colour palette, it’s made to be highly functional and elegantly modest. It is for these reasons that its kind has withstood the test of time and continues to evolve today.

The Story of Danish Modern Design

Modern Danish design is everywhere. Architecture, furniture and even technology are embracing the geometric shapes and neutral tones that are hallmarks of the style. It all began in the 1920s when Danish architects and designers began to question the heavily ornamental style of furniture that was popular at the time.

The industrial age was well underway, and a growing middle class needed sensible furniture to fill their homes. Students at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts caught on to the growing trend and began designing in much simpler shades.

The trend continued to spread until Danish designer and cabinet-maker A.J. Iverson began a yearly exhibition of furniture in Copenhagen which centred around the growing aesthetic. This annual event ran from 1925 to 1967 and gave students and established designers a common ground for innovation. This exposition had a great influence on how the style evolved.

The Style Continues to Evolve with Today’s Top Designers

At Curious Grace we’re always looking for something new and interesting. That’s why we’re proud to offer furniture from some of today’s top modern designers. These designers, and others like them, have continued on in the tradition of innovation that is the true signature of the modern aesthetic.

This fresh take on modernism features the same straight lines that create sharp angles, but the look is softened by using more natural wood with less contrast in single pieces. This gives a rustic touch to the style and reflects a more environmentally-conscious awareness that has arisen in today’s post-industrial world.

Crafted for Comfort and Exquisitely Styled

The focus for modern furniture is based around minimalism, but that doesn’t mean it sacrifices either comfort or style. In fact, modern design is also known for creating a simple form that is ultimately functional. Chairs and sofas are ergonomically designed to provide the right support. Dressers and end tables may not take up much space, but they will provide ample storage. Modern design means crafting something that is highly functional to provide ultimate comfort and convenience.

Of course, minimalism doesn’t fail to account for aesthetic either. Modern Danish modern plays with deep contrasts using colours and lines. Truly extraordinary furniture is made from these simple elements. Natural wood grains are commonly featured in this style and Danish-inspired modernism is known for this in particular.

Find You Favourite Danish Modern Style at Curious Grace

Our company was founded on a passion for design and we are constantly adding new and unique products to our collection. We believe that good design tells a unique story, and these are stories that we source from all over the world to sit in our Australian showrooms.  Danish modern furniture has a rich history with a story that continues to grow.

Browse our products and let Curious Grace help you write the story of your home with a bit of living history.

Curious Grace is the best designer furniture shop that delivers Australia wide, with showrooms in Melbourne & Sydney. They have a large range of furniture, from contemporary to Danish. Browse our website or call us to learn more.

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