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Contemporary Furniture Crafted By Australian & European Designers

At Curious Grace, we’re constantly searching for new products to inspire and delight our customers. Our search has taken us right around the world, sourcing the best quality products crafted by top designers .

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World-Class Contemporary Furniture in Melbourne

For this reason, Curious Grace provides the very best in world-class contemporary furniture in Melbourne. Our collections are carefully chosen for their beauty, craftsmanship and strength of design.

You see, we believe that good design tells a little story about the person who created it. It reflects all the inspirations and influences that led to the fully realised idea, and that will always result in beautiful furniture that our customers can feel proud to call their own.

A Softer Take on Modernism

Contemporary design is a little bit like the softer side of its more striking and forceful Modernist cousin. It uses many of the same elements: neutral palettes accented with bold colours and furniture that explores lines and form through design.

However there are some key differences between the two style concepts, and these small changes make a big impact. The neutral palettes found in Contemporary design are warmer, there is often less or softened contrasts and contemporary designs also use softer lines and angles in its exploration of form. It takes something created in the industrial age and adds a little touch of nature, reminding us that the geometric shapes of modern design are more than a mathematical construct. They’re also a part of the natural world around us.

We Offer Contemporary Furnishings from the World’s Top Designers

It is this unique evolution of Contemporary design that makes Curious Grace proud to supply such furniture to our customers. Each piece of contemporary furniture has been carefully selected due to the unique quality, character and story it holds. Here are just a few of the contemporary designers whose work you’ll find if you pay a visit to one of our shops:

Industrial M

Industrial M is an Australian brand created on the Gold Coast by the local company Industrial Garage. Their aesthetic mixes industrial and Scandinavian design to create a truly contemporary feel that would sit perfectly in the modern home.


Bertil Stam is the design genius behind NOFU, a company based in Denmark with worldwide distribution. This company focuses on traditional Scandinavian design as their inspiration and they craft furniture for every area of the home. All NOFU products are handmade and built to withstand the normal wear and tear of the modern family lifestyle. Stam’s minimalist design makes his pieces easy to incorporate with other styles, though each one if so artfully formed that it could be a stand alone statement.

Curious Grace

Our own designs, Curious Grace’s furniture is locally manufactured in Australia and embodies a classic contemporary design with a few quirky twists. Our Linear Queen Bed features the straight lines of modernism which serve to keep the focus of the design on the gorgeous patterns created by the all-natural woodgrain.

On the quirky side, you’ll find products such as our Woody Mushroom end table. This piece is made to look far more rustic, mimicking the appearance of a tree stump. It is minimally shaped to reflect a mushroom and features roughened cuts that add to the natural flair.

Discover Great Design at Curious Grace

We know design at Curious Grace, and that’s why you can trust our company to always deliver innovative contemporary furniture in the Melbourne area. Contemporary design captures some of our favourite aesthetics by blending aspects of modern and industrial design with warmer palettes and natural materials.

Stop by one of our shops today and take a look through our curiosities for yourself. You can also speak with a member of our staff or consult with an interior stylist to gain direction on a design project. We look forward to sharing our love of design with you.

Curious Grace is the best designer furniture shop that delivers Australia wide, with showrooms in Melbourne & Sydney. They have a large range of furniture, from contemporary to Danish. Browse our website or call us to learn more.

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