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When it comes to the phrase “less is more”, no truer words could be spoken of home interiors. While still a relatively new design movement, having only come into its own in the late 1960s early and 1970s, minimalism is a style that has incurred a wide following amongst stylists, architects and designers.

With regards to interior styling, minimalism can best be explained as the “stripping back” of unnecessary elements, which may otherwise cause a space to feel cluttered and chaotic. This allows for greater focus on only the essential components, giving each element a distinct purpose. In other words, everything has a place and a sense of belonging within the space.

Linear bed in oak when less is more

Minimalism might appear to be a simple look to achieve within your own home (the less elements the easier it is, right?), however a lot of thought and consideration must go into the production of such a space. With less elements in a room, all attention will be drawn to those few pieces, making everything from colour coordination to furniture placement vital.

While the word “minimalism” may initially conjure images of cold, stark interiors, when styled correctly there is the opportunity to create rooms that exude warmth and energy. If you’re looking to experiment with the minimalist movement within your own living space, here are some ways you can create elegant, sophisticated spaces that still feel like home.


When beginning your foray into minimalism, colour palette should be the first consideration. Subdued hues are best. Think everything from varying shades of beige and soft greys to ecru and everything in between.

And while white may initially feel bland, remember that not all whites are created equal. Some will have yellow undertones creating a warmer base while others will be touched with blue, which will appear crisp and cool. Depending on the aesthetic you’re hoping to achieve, choosing the correct white will significantly affect the end result.

Small pops of colour can be introduced into your space, but keep them minimal and ensure they are solid pigments that complement the neutral tones.

Styled by the Curious Grace team, this bedroom featuring the Ethnicraft Madra Bed evokes a sense of relaxation and calm with its simple colour palette. The mustard cushion adds interest to the space while still complementing the neutral hues.  

Ethnicraft Madra Bed in oak when less is more



In today’s materialy-driven society, we unknowingly acquire a plethora of “stuff” that only serves to clog up and clutter our spaces and, in turn, our lives. When creating a sense of stripped-back calm, aim to rid your space of any unnecessary elements that don’t serve a particular purpose. Instead invest in quality pieces that enhance the beauty of the interior.

The pictured below screams subdued luxury, allowing the quality of the Icelandic Pampa Mariposa Chair to shine, with nothing detracting from its magnificence.

celandic Pampa Mariposa Chair when less is more



A minimalistic room with neutral tones and slick, smooth surfaces runs the risk of feeling cold. To counter this, add varying textures to the space to soften the feel. Warm up the space with tactfully chosen accessories; sheep-skin rugs, knitted throws, woollen cushions and ceramic vases all provide that much-needed comfort factor.

It can be easy to get carried away, so to ensure your look remains within the minimalism vein, choose just a few textural elements and ensure they’re within the same tonal family. Here, the use of our velvet Mellow Chair coupled with a sheepskin rug adds a luxe feel to the room, creating a warm and inviting space.

Mellow Chair in chartreuse when less is more



Deeply rooted in the notion of simplicity, minimalism has a specific focus on clean and simple lines. Overly ornate or excessive detailing will detract from the overall look and feel of the room.

The purpose of minimalism is to create a space that the human eye finds easy to navigate. When furniture and surfaces flow seamlessly into one another, the eye can easily pass over the room creating a sense of peace: everything is just as it should be. Throwing in an obscure ornate piece will simply create a jarring effect for the mind.

With its structural straight lines our Ethnicraft Mikado Dining Table creates a fluid, uninterrupted shape that’s pleasing to both the eye and the mind.

Ethnicraft Mikado Dining Table when less is more

When it comes to minimalism, remember to keep it simple. Strip everything back, tone everything down and you’ll create a space that is at once both functional and beautiful. Minimalism not only gives you the opportunity to get rid of those oldDonna Hay magazines you’ve had lying around since 2002, but also provides you with a space that will help you mentally unwind, take a deep breath and relax.

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