Three Ways to Style Three New Pieces

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If ever there's something that gets our stylists excited, it's new pieces landing in our showrooms. New pieces mean new colours, textures and materials that can be used to craft a myriad of new looks that turn our showrooms into the perfect places for customers to turn to for inspiration. 

From sleek and sophisticated to bright and playful, three of our stylists show you their favourite ways to style three of our newest pieces.


 The Amelie Step Console - Ella Potterton, Styling Consultant

"The Amelie Step Console needs minimal styling, as the beauty and uniqueness of the terazzo does all the talking", says Ella.
"A couple of well placed books and some of our Roshi Vases - the Seeda or Verti styles would look lovely here - are all you need to complete the look!"


The Kennedy Lush Sofa Chair - Paul McQuillan, Yarraville Showroom Manager

"The Kennedy Chair is a showpiece, a statement chair that just screams to be sat in. It's a piece that's all about bringing a touch of vintage into a very modern and contemporary space", Paul says.

"The texture of this lush fabric automatically brings such a warmth to any space. It's also incredibly hard wearing and a very robust textile, so will be able to handle the addition of other textures, such as a sheepskin throw or cushion.

"Its bold shape and colour mean it needs very little styling to look amazing however. All it needs is negative space around it to really let it sing."


The Penelope Quilted Occasional Chair - Sally Smyth, Clifton Hill Showroom Manager

"The swivel base of our new Penelope Chair is both stylish and functional, while its organic cocoon shape makes it a perfect occasional chair for your living room," says Sally.

"Its flowing shape also sees it looking perfect sitting in a bedroom alongside our Ethnicraft Nordic Bedroom range. Add some Bedouin Linen and you have a beautiful mix of materials and textures. 

"The dust berry velvet version of this chair looks fabulous with brown earthy tones, so I love to pair it with our Francis Sofa in velvet mocha in our Clifton Hill showroom. The navy velvet Penelopesings with absolutely anything!"

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