Curious Grace Francis Sofa Features in Three Birds Renovations Redesign

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The story of the three women behind Sydney-based interior design business Three Birds Renovations is one that would speak to the heart of any budding designer.

In 2014 Bonnie, Lana and Erin took a leap of faith and quit their 9-5 jobs to create Three Birds Renovations in pursuit of a more fulfilling life; working for themselves, doing something they loved and creating beautiful 'forever homes' for their clients. Fast forward to today and this powerhouse trio has created a business with a cult following, transformed nine houses and created a successful online renovation course.

three birds renovations curious graceCurious Grace Francis Sofa in Old Rose: Images curtsey of Three Birds Renovations

Last month, the TBR team undertook a renovation of their HQ space in Dural, Sydney, featuring Curious Grace's very own Francis Sofa as the hero piece. Today, we talk to TBR Creative Director, Bonnie Hindmarsh, about the creation of this incredible space and how our Francis Sofa was the perfect fit for their "dirtyblushcrush" theme.

three birds renovations curious grace

Curious GraceCan you tell us how you began the initial redesign process for the new HQ space?

Bonnie:  In our online course, The Reno School, we bang on to our students about the importance of creating a Vision Board. So, of course we practice what we preach and started the redesign with a Vision Board.

A Vision Board is so much more than just a mood board. A mood board (despite its name) usually depicts how you want something to look rather than how you want it to feel. Our Vision Boards do both. They capture how you want your reno to look (the aesthetics) and, more importantly, how you want to live (well, in this case, work) and feel in the finished space.

Here's the VB we created for our #dirtyblushcrush office:

three birds renovations curious grace

CG: What kind of look and style did you want to create?

BonnieOur office space needed to be a calming influence on our otherwise chaotic work days. And of course, it had to be pretty and full of beautiful things that you’d usually find in a home rather than an office.

What you won’t see at Three Birds HQ is a bunch of individual desks. It’s just not suited to the way we work. We need a collaborative workspace where we can sit or stand around the large communal tables, roll out some floorplans and unfurl some fabric swatches.

And for those times where we have coffee in hand and need to have a creative brainstorming session, we might hit the sofa and floor cushions for a change of pace.

CG: What drew the TBR Team to our Francis Sofa? 

Bonnie: It’s like it was made for the space! We wanted a sofa that was comfy enough to sit back on during a long brain-storming session, but looks every bit as good too.

I love the classic slimline design with the traditional rounded arms and tufted back, and the Old Rose fabric gives it a modern twist.

three birds renovations curious grace

CG: There are a lot of dirty pinks and gold tones in the space. What attracted you to these colours? 

Bonnie: I’m a sucker for pink… with some grunt! I’ve always loved these ‘pretty gritty’ shades and they’re bang on trend for this season too. We actually chose two shades of pink to create some variation in the space.

Pops of gold work perfectly with the pink and add a touch of luxe glamour to the room.

CG: What advice would you give to someone purchasing a new sofa? How do they make sure they get the perfect one for their space?

Bonnie: There are so many factors in choosing the perfect sofa. The first thing to remember is that bigger isn’t always better! Many people fall into the trap of taking measurements of their room and then buying the biggest possible couch to fit it. Not only will that make it hard to move around the space, it'll also make the room look smaller, not bigger.

If in doubt, too small is better than too big as you can always add a side table or pouf to pad it out, but you can’t shrink a couch.

Other things to consider are fabric choice (does it need to be toddler-proof?), finishes, multi-use (does it need to have a sofa bed incorporated?) and of course your budget!

Curious grace three birds renovations

CG: What are some quick and easy ways people can re-vamp their interiors at

Bonnie: Here are our top 5 quick and easy tips:

1. Adopt a less is more approach. In other words, declutter! This is always a
good place to start.
2. Make it sparkle - get out the scrubbing brush, or get someone to do it for you!
Clean windows make the most amazing difference to the look of a room.
3. The power of paint: if you can afford it, a fresh coat of paint works wonders.
4. Buy some soft stuff - soft furnishings have so many benefits. If white-washing your floors isn’t an option, some big rugs will do wonders in covering dated floorboards or chipped tiles.
5. Greenery, either fresh or faux, are always appealing and immediately freshens up a room.


 We love that our Francis Sofa is so perfectly at home in the new TBR HQ. And while beautiful in Old Rose, this piece is available in a range of colours and fabrics, meaning it can be customised to suit any interior. Click here for more information on our Francis Sofa, or else contact your nearest showroom for more information.

To read our article Five Ways to Style our Favourite Francis Sofa, click here.


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Katrina Watson
Katrina Watson

April 29, 2019

Hi – would it be possible to find out what wallpaper they used in their re-furb? It’s gorgeous!

Many thanks

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