The Zeki Cube: One piece, Four different uses

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There's a lot to love about the industrial, architectural pieces from our Zeki rangeMade from light concrete with a PU finish, they are durable, functional and easy to style: use one piece to instantly create a sleek, contemporary feel, or else make a brave statement by stacking pieces together

Above all, however, these pieces are incredibly versatile. The perfect example of this is the Zeki concrete cube. This one, beautifully simple piece has so many uses that really do make it the workhorse of furniture! 

Here are four (and more!) ways you can easily incorporate this urban, functional piece into your home.

zeki concrete furniture

Styled Solo - As a Side Table

Though crafted from concrete and possessing certain 'edginess', the simple form of the Zeki Cube definitely has an element of elegance to it. The smooth and polished surface lend it a sleek look, making it refined enough to add as a side table to your living room setting.

Placed next to a soft, upholstered couch or armchair, the cube's hard edges will create an enticing visual contrast.

zeki concrete furniture

Double Up - Bedside Tables

The Zeki Cube is transformed into the perfect set of bedside tables with the addition of a shelf, perfect for placing bedside necessities.

Available in either lighter or darker concrete, there's a tone that pairs perfectly with a bed in oak, teak or walnut timber.

zeki concrete furniture

Threes a Crowd - A Concrete Console

Place these clever concrete cubes together to create a console that will add an instant edge to your entryway - an often overlooked though arguably very important space in your home.

Make a great first impression for guests with Zeki's intriguing architectural form, which will set the tone for the rest of your home. Decorate with delicate ceramic or glass vases, such as those from our Roshi or Ro collections, and flowers or greenery to soften the look.

Zeki concrete furniture

4 or More - Stack it Up!

Nothing says statement quite like a pile of concrete cubes stacked on top of one another. But what this also says is effortlessly cool, brave, functional styling.

Not only do a stack of concrete cubes make a wonderful talking point, but they can be reworked into a form that can suit your ever-changing needs: a bookcase, entertainment unit, additional storage for trinkets, your record collection or children's toys.


There are so many ways to use the incredible versatile Zeki concrete cube - it's a piece of furniture that truly keeps on giving. How will you use yours?

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