The Luxury of Linen: An Interview with Bedouin Societe Founder, Virginia Feldtman

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There's nothing quite as indulgent as the experience of wrapping yourself in pure linen sheets each night. The soft, breathable fabric has a way of making the most repetitive and routine task - sleeping - something truly luxurious.

No company encapsulates the pure bliss of linen sheets quite like Bedouin Societe, a Melbourne-based textiles company that began in 2011.

 Today we speak to founder Virginia Feldtman about her passion for this natural material and the development of Bedouin Societe's products, which aim to make everyday moments beautiful.

With a father who was a leading global textile chemist, Virginia Feldtman spent her childhood surrounded by all things wool. She was immediately drawn to the texture and rawness of natural fabrics. Little did she know this would develop into a lifelong passion with textiles. 

"I felt strongly about its sustainability, not to mention it’s just heaven to sleep in and conducive to a good nights sleep"

"Being an aesthetic at heart and by nature, I had always loved beautiful home textiles, specifically bed linen and bath towels," says Virginia. "Wrapping myself in a beautiful bath towel after a relaxing bath and getting into bed cocooning and enveloping myself in layers of great bed textiles is what luxury has always meant for me."

The decision to then form her own luxury linen textiles brand was a natural progression for Virginia, who admits that she felt as though she had found her calling in working with the material she loved most.

"I felt strongly about its sustainability, not to mention it’s just heaven to sleep in and conducive to a good nights sleep," she says. "It needs little water when growing, so has a low environmental impact, doesn't require pesticides to flourish and is recyclable so kind to us and our earth."

9 years on from its beginnings, Bedouin Societe is a design-led, considered and sophisticated collection of home and lifestyle textiles. Consistently achieving the highest quality, the aesthetic is understated elegance - disciplined but always with ease.

For Virginia, functionality and beauty are two things which naturally cohabitate, hence her desire to create everyday products that are so elegant and beautifully crafted.

"The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in our homes and is both a functional space and a sanctuary where we rejuvenate and nurture ourselves and each other," she says.

Rather than subscribing to trends, each product is designed with longevity in mind, so customers can invest in something they know will be truly timeless. While Bedouin's collections include designs in other eco-friendly natural textiles, Virginia describes pure linen as "the currency "of the house.  

"Our pure linen sheeting is our signature and has been designed and developed by us," she says. "We are known for our unique colour palette and quality finishing, which produces a lovely soft powdery matt finish. 

With Mother's Day on the horizon, we asked Virginia what makes Bedouin Societe's products such wonderful gifts, whether buying for your own Mother, or are a Mum treating yourself to a touch of luxury. 

"Mother’s day celebrates a special person, and giving a gift that defines luxury in more ways than one is a special gift for a special person on a special day," she says. "Our products embody that something special, they are in the present but timeless, understated and sophisticated..."

Virginia says she'll be spending Mother's Day "being nurtured and sleeping in my linens for as long as I like", which we think is something every Mum deserves.

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