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Re-designing, renovating or re-styling your home can be an overwhelming task. There's so much to take into consideration: the colour palette, furniture decisions, which upholstery to choose - it's hard to know where to begin your journey.

For that reason, Curious Grace offers free interior styling consultations, because we believe that everyone deserves to live in beautiful spaces that delight and inspire.

"After a long, hard day at work, it's important to be able to walk into a space that feels completely balanced and harmonious" says Curious Grace Interior Stylist Paul McQuillan.

"When a space isn't right, people don't feel right within themselves. And when you can create harmony within a home, you're giving people the chance to be the most peaceful and joyous versions of themselves. It's a transformation of sorts."

It is this transformation that Claire experienced when she enlisted Paul's assistance to redecorate her new home in Albert Park. Before the project began, Claire had little idea of the look she wanted, or how to achieve it.

"I didn’t have a huge amount of imagination to be honest," she says. "I knew the feeling I wanted, I wanted warmth in the house, I wanted it to feel like a home...but I didn’t actually know how to pull that together. I knew I needed help and that's when I went to Curious Grace."

Upon talking to Claire and closer inspection of the house, Paul knew immediately what kind of feel and look he could create to suit Claire's tastes and lifestyle.

"Because everything in Claire's home is quite tight, she had some difficulties in understanding the proportions she needed", says Paul.

"So I initially found out how she used the space and took that as my starting point. From there it was just about creating functional, well-balanced spaces that worked for her."

Claire now speaks about her home, which she shares with her 7-year-old-son Matthew, with an adoration that will make any home-owner envious. 

Now it's your turn to come on a journey with us as Claire welcomes us into her beautiful space.

The Lounge Room

Complete with a soft Atlas Armadillo & Co rug, velvet Margot sofa in midnight blueand Chill Armchair, this is a room that exudes luxury while still maintaining a warm and inviting atmosphere.

“I wanted something that was warm, something that I could sit in with my friends and chat in. I didn’t want the television to be a focal point, I wanted it to be a relaxing adult room," Claire says of her front lounge room. 

“This Margot sofa was a leap of faith", Claire admits. "My stylist was adamant that this was the right sofa for this room, and it took some convincing, but when it arrived I was just like, Wow, I love that piece.

"There’s something about the fabric that makes me just want to stroke it. The colour, the richness of it, it’s just so inviting and you just want to sit on it."

The Kitchen and Living Rooms

Housing a cushy, comfortable sofa, sleek dining table and beautiful accessories, Claire's combined kitchen and living area is the perfect functional space for her and her son.

"The kitchen and living room are really the heart of our home. This is where we have a lot of our meals and Matthew plays a lot in here."

"I really had to change the way Claire perceived she could live in this area of her home", says Paul.

"Before we styled it, everything felt as though it was in the wrong place and unbalanced. Once I started to move things around, the whole room just opened up and could breathe properly.

"The Feelgood Designs Dining Table broke up the space perfectly, giving her two distinctive areas for her and her son to use differently."

When pressed to choose her favourite piece of furniture, after much umm-ing and ahh-ing, Claire decides upon the Moln Sofa

"If I had to choose a favourite piece in the house, which is really hard to do because they all work together, it’s absolutely this sofa", she says.

"We use it a lot and it’s such a good space for my son to come and watch television or read a book while I'm cooking in the kitchen... It’s just so comfortable, and homely... just the look of it is so inviting."

Due to the natural coolness of the house, Paul was tasked with adding warmth and an element of "snugness" to the space.

"I knew the space was begging for a rug, and this round Armadillo and Co rug just suited the space perfectly, " he says. 

"I hadn’t even thought of a rug for the kitchen", Claire admits. "But the round shape of this one adds a lot of softness to the room."

After her experience, Claire now realises that the spaces we live in and objects that surround us can completely change your mindset and, in many ways, your life.

"Living in this space has really changed my life in subtle ways," she admits.

"I think it just gives me a sense of joy that I didn’t expect to have. There’s a serenity around the house... I love walking in my front door now, and I’ve never had that feeling before.

For more information on Curious Grace's Free Interior Styling Consults, visit our website here, or call your nearest showroom.

To see a walkthrough video of Claire's beautiful Albert park home, click here

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