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Small space apartment living is becoming increasingly common for many city dwellers. But just because your space is limited, doesn't mean you need to sacrifice on style.

There are many ways in which to make a quaint home exude charm, character and sophisticated style, so if you believed you were destined to live in a cramped and uninspiring space, think again.

We've pulled together our top tips on how to transform your modest living spaces into beautiful ones. 

linear queen bed curious grace

 Buy the Correct Size Furniture

This may seem fairly obvious, but it can be easy to forget. Buying furniture that is the correct size and scale for your space will avoid any over-crowding issues and ensure there is enough floor space to move around comfortably.

When you fall in love with a piece of furniture, it's easy to let impulse take over without considering the practicality of the piece in your own home. For this reason, having a home stylist on hand, like those we have at Curious Grace, is incredibly valuable. A stylist will be able to understand how to best create optimal flow within the room, ensuring that everything fits just so. 

Industrial m tv unit curious grace

Think Vertically

If you're hard pressed for space, chances are that storing is an issue. In this instance, utilise as much of your wall space as possible to store and display your prized possessions.

These stylish Ethnicraft Floating Shelves act as both storage and display, allowing you to declutter your floor space while also serving as a way to feature your most beautiful trinkets and curios. 

Ethnicraft oak wall floating shelf curious grace


Don't be Afraid to Make a Statement

While you may think bold feature pieces will create a sense of overwhelm in your small home, the addition of bold, eye-catching artwork or furniture will actually draw your attention away from the small space and to the item itself.

A colourful painting, such as the below Bonnie and Neil piece, will inject intrigue and excitement to your home, transforming an otherwise small and bleak room into a place of comfort and inspiration. 

Bonnie and Neil Artwork Curious Grace


Divide a Room with Shelving

If you want to create a division in your home, say between your living and dining room, the use of open shelving is an excellent solution.

Not only do open shelves give you additional storage space, they also allow for light transfer and can give a space the illusion of looking larger than it really is.  By styling with books, magazines, plants and trinkets, you can make the shelf reflect your own personal style.

Ethnicraft oak m rack display unit curious grace


Let There Be Light

Small spaces can often be dark and dimly lit, giving the impression that they are actually smaller than they really are. To counter this, ensure you have sufficient lighting, either in the form of pendant lighting or pieces that can be fixed to the wall. 

This pendant from ay illuminate or the La Lampe Gras no. 214 can be used to bring a warm glow to your room without taking up valuable floor space.

ay illuminate Curious Grace

la lampe gras no 214 curious grace

Dine at the Round Table

A round dining table is a great solution for compact or awkward spaces. Unlike rectangular tables which take up much more floor space, a round table will give you the surface space you need without needing to sacrifice any floor real estate. 

Sean dix triple x dining table curious grace

Round Marble Dining Table Curious Grace

Limited space doesn't have to mean limited style. Use the above pointers to help create a home that is, while 'compact', practical, inspiring and beautiful. 

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