Small on Size, Big on Style: Australia's Most Beautiful Tiny Homes

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While you may stare wistfully at the grand architectural homes in the pages of glossy magazines, designer-builder, Indi Hangan of Tiny Homes Australia is here to completely change the way you think about space and style. 

We visited Indi in his Melbourne warehouse to see how his bespoke Tiny Homes have taken Australia by storm. 

With more than 10 years of carpentry and building experience, the request from his wife to build her a Tiny Home seemed like a harmless, if not humorous, task for Indy. Little did he know that this seed of an idea would grow into one of the country's largest suppliers of pint-sized mobile homes in just a few years. 

"At first I thought she was kidding", Indy laughs. "But I built the first one and while it was in construction I started a Facebook page, and the interest grew phenomenally."

tiny homes australia

In November 2017, after opening its doors just nine months earlier, Tiny Homes had three open days which saw crowds of more than 10,000 people flock to the Ringwood factory.

"The line was from the door back to the end of the street. People waited for 2 and-a-half hours to see the tiny homes," says Indi. "The response was incredible, and from there the rest is history!"

While not everyone is purchasing these little homes as permanent residencies (30% are live-in homes, 70% are rental or holiday properties), Indy says there's something about their picturesque nature that makes them incredibly popular. 

"They look beautiful in photos and on social media, and while not everyone might want to purchase one, so many people are interested in holidaying in or renting it purely for the novelty - having a beautiful tiny little hideaway that’s just for them."

tiny homes australia


Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of these tiny homes, is their ability to function as exactly that - a fully serviced, comfortable and beautiful home (You can take a look at our guide on stylish solutions for small living spaces here)

 According to Indi, this is achieved by implementing practical storage solutions - such as inserting draws into the staircase - and making the most of the space. 

"High ceilings is something we really focus on to make the homes feel as spacious and comfortable as possible... a larger space above you really enhances that feeling of spaciousness," he says.

"Big windows are also something that we try to encourage our clients to consider in the designs, which gives that feeling of bringing the outside in."

"It’s about being clever in your designs, so that you can really maximise every inch of the space."

Each design is completely tailored to the customer's needs and lifestyle, so no two designs are the same.

"We get a lot of visual inspiration online, but we encourage our clients to come to us with the ideas," says Indy. "After all, it’s their dream, it’s their tiny home, I’m just building it for them.


Hopefully these pint-sized homes prove that you don't need a three-storey home to create a beautiful space. All you need is a little bit of clever design, some beautiful styling elements and a dash of passion.

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