Today we explore the art-filled home of Micky and Bridie - a highly creative couple - and their little canine roommate, Romeo.

Mikcy Mancuso Bridie Gus

Having collected street and contemporary art since the age of 16, Micky’s obsession and hobby organically developed into a business when he realised many of the artworks he had acquired have gone up 10 fold in only a few years (that, and he was spending all his money on art!). Instead of representing artists through a traditional gallery, Micky identified a gap in the market to democratise art collecting by building an online platform that connects galleries, artists and consumers from all over the world.

“I don’t push the business too hard, the art world is delicate and it will continue to grow organically. I love what I do every day and put my everything into it. My ultimate goal 3 years ago was to have a space with a big neon green sign out the front in NY and London. It’s getting closer.”

Back when art was just a hobby, Micky spent every cent he earned on collecting, which is why we totally had to ask him how he manages not to buy every single piece for his home - especially now he has access to such incredible pieces. His answer? Wall space.

Micky Mancuso Bridie Gus Romeo Home

Equally driven and creative is Bridie, a freelance fashion Product Developer and Stylist, with her own soon-to-be-launched clothing label on its way.

“I grew up in a fairly free spirited and creative household. My dad loves to paint and my mum loves to sew, so it was in my nature to be creative. I grew up wanting to conquer the world and do everything but I always felt most comfortable and happy when I was painting or ripping up old clothes to make new ones”

When we pressed her to tell us more about her upcoming brand, Bridie kept quiet, saying “I’m being pretty secretive about it to start off with because I’m interested to see how the people around me react to it. Honesty can be hard to come by these days so I’m excited to wear something of my own and have one of my friends say 'I love your top' or 'I don’t know about that'."

And yes, she will be designing a custom outfit for Romeo!

Bridie Gus

What’s your favourite piece of artwork? The Stockman by Adam Cullen. We feel like the Stockman is the fourth member of our family and it’s a very sentimental piece to us.

What’s next on your wishlist? To move into our new place and make it our own, also to acquire some more sculptural art for our outdoor areas.

Do you spend much time in your kitchen?

Cooking is important for us, we find it to be a great way to unwind after work and spend time together. This usually involves a glass of red, some music and Micky eating most of the food as we cook.

You’ve recently purchased a new house. What do you love most about that particular space and what drew you to it?

The new place attracted us because it’s closer to the beach, has a lot more wall space and a bigger area for Romeo. We had looked at so many places in the last year and there was always something missing - this one just ticked all our boxes.

Will you start fresh with decorating the interior or will your current aesthetic flow through?

One of the exciting parts of our new place was the opportunity to renovate and put our creative spin on it.  We didn’t want to buy someone’s finished product. Over the next few months we’re going to just live in it and get a feel for the space, see what we love and what we want to change.

What does Romeo think of the new place? Romeo is very excited. He may even get a little brother or sister!  

Micky Mancuson Bridie Gus

Quick 5

On a Saturday night we will find you… Somewhere low key with friends having a few drinks and a laugh. Or Micky screaming in front of the TV watching Carlton lose again.

On a Sunday morning we will find you… South Melbourne Market, the beach or café hopping.

We’re currently listening to…  Bridie - Kaytranada. Micky - Obsession by Animotion.  

We’re currently reading… Bridie - I just got my hands on “Green kitchen at home” which I’m pretty excited about. Micky - emails or one of my art books.

Our next travel destination is… Byron Bay or Art Basel Miami in December.

Micky Mancuso Bridie Gus

Micky Mancuso Bridie Gus

Images by Dave Kulesza

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