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One Mattress, Two Perfect Nights Sleep

Choosing a mattress is a very personal thing; some people prefer a firmer feel, while others opt for something much softer. This can make deciding on the perfect one for you and your loved one a difficult decision. Either way you look at it someone is going to have to make a compromise.

But one Italian Mattress company has gone the extra mile to tackle this age-old dilemma and have come up with an incredible solution. Meet the Toscana Cotton Caresse Range by Magniflex...


What Makes It So Special

What really sets this innovative mattress apart is its ability to offer two different levels of comfort in the one mattress. It consists of two separate cores, each with a different level of support that can easily be adjusted to suit the preferences of each sleeper.

Adjusting one side of the mattress is easy. Simply unzip the mattress cover and flip over one of the "cores" depending on the level of comfort you'd like to achieve; you can enjoy a softer level of support while your partner sleeps on the firmer side, or vice versa.

See below for a detailed video of how this incredible mattress works.

"The art of this Magniflex mattress is that it without doubt caters for people of all sizes, heights and back issues", says Curious Grace Stylist Paul McQuillan. "It's a product that really listens to the problems of the individual and offers a simple yet ingenious solution." 


Material Matters

All fabrics used to create the Toscana Cotton Caresse mattresses are eco-friendly and certified organic, issued with the Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification.

Two exclusive materials have been utilised in this collection: Ecogreen and Geomemory. Ecogreen is flexible yet firm, ideal to ensuring perfect alignment of the shoulders, back and limbs. Geomemory supports the various body parts independently, adapting most naturally to the contours of the body.

All models come with a mattress cover in organic cotton that is fresh and comfortable to the touch, and guarantees maximum breathability. And if that wasn't enough, the materials are naturally infused with essential oils that increase relaxation, with the inclusion of Aloe Vera extract aiding in regeneration during sleep.


The Mangiflex Toscana Cotton Caresse really is a mattress for everyone. Combining quality materials with precision and science, this mattress truly is what dreams are made of.

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