Character & Style with the Occasional

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The Occasional Chair, also known as the Accent Chair, can often pass you by during your styling process. But for us, this piece of furniture is one that can add incredible character, charm and function to almost any room in your home.

Far more than just about adding extra seating, occasional chairs allow you to express your unique style, with a huge array of colours, shapes and textures available to you. While the lounge room is always a great space for an additional chair, there's plenty of other spaces in your home which will benefit from a beautiful occasional chair. Here are some of our favourites.

1.  Create a Bedroom Retreat

The bedroom is often a place we can go to relax and unwind, making it an ideal location for a beautiful occasional chair. Create a cosy nook by placing your chair into a corner, where you can decompress at the end of the day with a cup of tea and a good book.

Simply add a soft throw over the back of the chair, a side table and beautiful lamp and you've created your own little sanctuary.

2. Make an Entrance

While first impressions are everything, entrance rooms can often feel a bit empty and ignored when it comes to styling. Adding an occasional chair will immediately create a focal point for guests when they come through the front door and give the space instant character.

It also serves to make the space feel more welcoming, and provides a practical place where people can tie their shoes, place a bag or wait for those slow to get out the door!

3. Get Playful

A bright, playful occasional chair brings a sense of delight and youthfulness to children's rooms. It gives them a space where they can sit while reading or studying and a cosy spot for friends, siblings or parents to hang out.

5. A Thoughtful Office Piece

Far from the uncomfortable desk chairs you're most likely used to, a supportive, cushioned occasional chair can be a great alternative that makes the act of sitting at your computer pleasurable.

It's also a lovely addition to the corner of your office space if you need time away from your screen, and can be a good space to seat clients if conducting business.


Both functional and beautiful, an occasional chair can be a great way for you to add a unique touch to any room in your home. As well as being functional, they allow you to bring the space to life by injecting colour, style and character into your interiors.

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