Capturing Stillness: Roshi's New Designs Revealed

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After launching Roshi’s initial collection of handcrafted vessels and vases, Curious Grace is excited to release the new, imaginative designs from this exclusive brand.

In a world that is so often chaotic, Roshi's designs evoke a stillness and sense of calm that allow us to slow down and enjoy life's small, beautiful moments. 

Formed from porcelain, each of these new handcrafted pieces featureunique surface patterns and beautiful textures making them true works of art.

Take a look below to see these incredible new pieces and the unique story they have to tell.



The unique, natural shape of this piece instantly draws connections to native flora and fauna. It evokes images of forrest floors, open fields and a path less walked, capturing the essence of nature in one blissfully simple vessel.

Beautiful on its own, or coupled together in its two colour options of chalk and oxide.


Eron's flowing form and fine detailing make it completely at one with the natural world. Leaning slightly off-centre, this piece reminds us that there is beauty in imperfection.


Dainty and rustic, this piece's understated elegance brings a sense of quietness to any room. Intricate lines give way to a textured surface that brings a sense of harmony and balance to this special piece.


Available in two sizes, Verti emulates a plant pod with its oval shape and elongated crest running down its centre. While based around the same design, the two sizes are strong enough to hold their own and also look perfectly in harmony when paired together.


One of Roshi's most popular designs, the Luna has been reimagined in three sizes and two colours, making this piece incredibly versatile.

It's unique, rounded form make this an eye-catching piece that's a feature in its own right.


The subtlety and minimalistic qualities of these new designs bring a sense of serenity to a space, proving that there is beauty in simplicity.


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