Extra Guests? Here's How to Make Mismatching Chairs Look Stylish

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With the festive season fast approaching, chances are you'll be opening your home up to gatherings with family and friends. Whether hosting Christmas lunch with extended relatives, holding a New Year's Eve dinner party or simply having guests come to stay, now's the time when you'll need to pull up an extra chair at your dining table.

While dining chairs are typically styled in sets, creating a dining room with mismatching chairs can be a unique way to add creativity and interest (not to mention extra seating!) to your space.

This might seem a little tricky, so we've spoken to our stylists to get their top tips on how to mix and match your chairs to achieve the perfect look.

Stick with a Style

“to make sure you don’t look as though you’ve just picked chairs at random, it's a good idea to stick with pieces that are similar in style", says Curious Grace stylist Paul McQuillan.

For example, if you already have a set of Scandinavian-inspired dining chairs, try to integrate other nordic-style chairs into the setting. The same rule applies if the style is industrial, contemporary, minimal, and so on. By keeping the style the same you'll create an overall look cohesion.

“I would also recommend putting carvers (also known as dining armchairs) or stools at the ends of the tables and then keeping the same dining chairs running along the length of the table. Carvers add a stately elegance and won’t look out of place at all and stools can be a nice quirky addition."

Cohesive Colours

While you can definitely choose dining chairs in different colours, aim to keep them within a certain palette, as this will create harmony within the setting.

"Ideally when mixing and matching dining chairs you would pick two different shades of the same colour, or two different colours that work well together,” says Paul. "That way, even if the shapes and materials are different, there will be one key component tying the whole look together."

Try Different Textures and Structures

The best way to get creative with mixing your dining chairs is with texture and form. For example, choose a singular colour palette and then add interest by choosing two differently materials or shapes.

“What we’ve done here is create cohesion with one colour but mixed it up by using one set of chairs made from wicker and one set from oak", says Curious Grace stylist Emily O’Brien.

"Our Ethnicraft Oak Bok dining chairs make perfect carver chairs in this setting and work well with the C607 dining chairs, as they’re both quite contemporary in style. The simple black palette ties the whole look together. And remember, if it's more space you're after, a beautiful extendable dining table is definitely worth the investment."



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