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Guy Sebastian is known for a lot of things since winning Australian Idol in 2003: being one of the country's most-loved singer-songwriters, performing for the likes of the Queen, Oprah and the Pope, and being involved in multiple charity organisations.

His wife, Jules, is just as busy, being as an in-demand Sydney-based TV presenter, fashion stylist, public speaker and philanthropist among other things. If this wasn't enough, they're also parents to their two young sons, Hudson and Archer.

What people might not know about this Australian power couple however, is their interest and passion in interior design and creating beautiful spaces. Something that became immediately apparent to us when the pair visited Curious Grace's Mosman showroom and immediately fell in love with a set of our Mellow Chairs.

Two of these chairs now reside in the impressive front entrance of the Sebastian's new Maroubra home, which is in the final stages of construction. We were lucky enough to be given a sneak peek of the chairs inside their new home and to talk everything interior design, what it's been like building from scratch, and how they created a space that suits their busy lifestyle.

Since moving into their newly built home in December 2018, Guy and Jules have fallen in love with the contemporary, industrial space they've created.  

"We have similar tastes in style, so our preferred minimal aesthetic comes through in everything," says Jules. "The house itself is very modern and has an industrial feel, with a lot of steel, concrete and glass.

"But we're a family with two young boys, so we still wanted it to feel homely and comfortable."

A muted, sophisticated colour palette of predominantly grey, black and white features in the decor and fittings of the home, with the exception of Curious Grace's two velvet sky blue Mellow Chairs, which sit proudly in the front entrance hall. Both Guy and Jules admit they fell in love with the chairs as soon as they laid eyes on them in the Mosman showroom.

"We both just really wanted to find the perfect piece for the front of the house, which is quite a big, spacious room," explains Jules. "The size of the chairs works so well in the space, and their shape really softens the look.

"When we looked at all the swatches we were really drawn to the sky blue colour. Then we chose a dark navy ribbing which contrasts beautifully against the lighter blue velvet.

"They're so comfortable and when you walk into the front part of the house people actually do sit on them, because they look so welcoming!"

"I’ve just filmed a whole series of Tea with Jules, and it was incredible to have all of my guests sitting in the Mellow Chairs."

Tea with Jules is, of course, Jule's popular interview-style show that delves into the lives of inspiring public figures, which in the past have included the likes of Kayla Itsines, Rachael Finch and Melissa Ambrosini.

While the Sebastian's home looks beautifully put together, Guy says it was a big job and a lot of work went into the process of creating the space.

"The home works so well for us, which is largely due to the design by our architect Joe Snell," he explains.

"The house just really flows. There's a space for us to relax, a kids area and everything is around a glassed central courtyard, so we can always see where they are."

This was the first home the couple really had a chance to "unleash their creativity", finally allowing them to inject their own personal style into their interiors.

"We’ve been saving up our creativity for this home," Jules laughs. "There was a lot of research that went into everything, a lot of weekends spent in furniture stores, careful thought and lots of Pinteresting!"

Despite the stress involved in building a new home, Guy and Jules say the time and effort has been entirely rewarding.

"I think the most important thing when you're building a house from scratch, is to walk into your home and to feel like it's been worthwhile," says Guy.

"There’s not a day that goes by that we don’t stop and look at each other and say we can't believe this house is ours."

While the pair have been extremely busy - Jules filming her new series, creating content for her YouTube channel and attending Fashion Week and Guy tied up in filming The Voice - the couple still make sure they find time to enjoy their beautiful new home.  For Guy, that means listening to some of his favourite music (right now Billie Eilish, Lewis Capaldi and Mac Miller) and for Jules it's catching up on Game of Thrones on Netflix. 

The pair are, of course, natural-born entertainers and love welcoming loved ones into their home.

"At the end of the day, we wanted to feel that we’ve created a haven in this space," says Guy. "That gives us our privacy and also a place that we can entertain our loved ones.

"If you create a space that you feel comfortable entertaining your friends and family in, then you can make truly special memories, and that's what home's all about."



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