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A Mattress Empire Built on Heart and Soul

In the sixties, Giuliano Magni created his first mattresses in a small workshop in Prato, Italy. What ensued was nothing short of an industry revolution.

Since its humble beginnings, Magniflex has since grown to become the largest and most renowned mattress manufacturer in the world, having sold over 50 million mattresses from all around the world. Not just about mattresses however, this is a company determined to bring together the concepts of wellbeing, relaxation and an environmental conscience to create a better world.

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Heritage and History

With its global reach extending to 76 countries - with showrooms located in the likes of New York, Milan and Tokyo - Magniflex is still a company that has its roots firmly grounded in family and its cultural heritage.

Its headquarters are located in Prato, a city 17km north of Florence, which has been the ancestral home of the Magni family for more than four centuries. Today, the company is wholly owned by Giuliano Magni's three sons; Alessandro, who is president; Fabrizzio, who serves as director of development; and Marco, who is the company’s global sales director and president of Magniflex USA. 

“My father started by producing 20 to 30 mattresses a day. He was always focused on improving the quality of sleep and quickly developed strong relationships with furniture stores,” Marco Magni tells Bed Times 

"We've maintained our Tuscan identity that includes the importance of family and Italian quality. Ninety percent of our customers talk directly to me or to my brothers.”

Environmental Conscience

Now considered one of the most active and dynamic companies in Europe the philosophy of Magniflex is to crate products that are in balance with the environment. The production process guarantees an effective use of all resources, while materials are subjected to a rigorous selection process and chosen based on their environmental sustainability and performance.

The company's dedication to reducing its carbon footprint and to producing the purest products possible and has earned it Oeko-Tex certifications.

Research and Development 

Further to its focus on sustainability, Magniflex is committed to research and development, determining the best ways it can minimise its environmental footprint, but also drastically improve sleep quality and regeneration for its customers. 

Marco says that Magniflex works closely with its suppliers to offer fabrics that the mattress industry has never seen before. These materials are natural, organic and breathable, all designed to improve sleep quality. They have even created a mattress that is bacteria resistant and helps to reduce inflammation and stress.

“We invest a lot of money in research to find out what we can do better,” Marco says. “We brothers are deeply involved in making the best product for sleeping.”

Innovative Design

Magniflex is at the forefront of innovation when it comes to mattress design. A perfect example of this is its Toscana range, that allows couples to sleep together without compromise.

This ingenious mattress consists of two halves, both of which can be flipped over to achieve the desired level of comfort and support. See the video below to discover how this mattress works.


For over 55 years, Magniflex has been driven by the desire to provide the best possible product to its customers, and this shows no sign of waning.

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