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Leaving Avery Green

This is the house that Jane built.
This is the name
that holds the house that Jane built.

We'd heard of Avery, spoken of her, admired Pia Ednie-Brown, her creative force. The images of Avery's transformation into a living, breathing entity - a 'person' for want of a better description are simply gorgeous and a testimony to Pia's love and dedication.

Avery Green is a house with a 120-year history and whilst Pia's 6-year relationship with her home had enveloped her soul, come 2015 it was time to part their ways.

And herein was born the concept, "who is Avery Green?" More than a renovation project it was a parting gift to what had become a significant part of Pia's own family history.

Integrating love, architecture and design, Pia evolved a unique process she calls, The Jane Approach. A process which, according to Pia "articulates a way of moving through the world, primarily informed by the work of three Janes: Jane Goodall, Jane Jacobs and Jane Bennett."

Avery Green

Avery Green

Avery Green

Avery Green

Avery Green

Photo source: Avery Green

"the more we can open ourselves up to listening deeply to the things around us, the more connected to the world we can become" - Pai Ednie-Brown

Pia's product selection: Original Hold sofa, Sipa dining table and chairs, Turkish Caravan designer rug



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