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Introducing the new Ancestors Collection

Known for the creation of authentic, timeless furniture, Ethnicraft has gone one step further with the release of its new line, Ancestors. This exclusive line celebrates the origins of humankind, delving into the rich heritage and history of cultures past.

Exploring the notions of where we come from and the ways in which our crafts have changed and transformed over time, Ancestors is inspired by Archaic geometrical shapes and symbols found around the world, bringing these traditional ethnic crafts back to life. 

Come with us as we explore the incredible depth and intense beauty of these pieces being carefully carved into works of art by Ethnicraft's skilled artisans. This is a collection that truly transcends the boundaries between past and present. 

The Tabwa Collection is the first to launch within Ethnicraft's Ancestors range, and has its roots firmly grounded in Africa. Named after the Tabwa culture from Central Africa, the collection's inspiration comes from the people's profound use of linear geometric shapes and patterns. It is an embodiment of  the continent's rich cultural heritage, blending art, history and tradition. The result is the creation of furniture that, while contemporary in style, is steeped in the rich history of this ancient culture.

The most noticeable symbol amongst those used by the Tabwa people was the triangle, which holds a dominant place within the collection. The triangle is oftentimes used as a reference to a new moon, symbolising the continuity of life and rebirth.

Tabwa was designed by former photographer and scenographer Carlos Baladia, who always found himself inspired and in awe of ethnic cultures and handcrafted furniture. Baladia has been able to translate his extensive travel and experiences with various cultures into a collection of furniture that truly encapsulates the ancient culture of the Tabwa society.

A collection filled with the mystery of ancient cultures created with the skills of modern artisans, Tabwa will bring something truly unique to any space that houses it. With everything from coffee tables and side boards through to consoles and mirrors, the Ancestors Collection makes it easy for you to capture the beauty and essence of humankind within your home. 

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