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Perhaps the single greatest invention since sliced bread, the humble mattress is one of the most important pieces of furniture in your home. However, hidden by sheets, donnas and pillows, the care and maintenance of this incredibly significant item is often neglected.

you may have heard about rotating or "flipping" your mattress, but is it a long-term practice you've committed to? If not, read on, as we look into the hows and whys of mattress flipping and why it's so important - not just for your mattress - but to ensure you get a good night's sleep.

Why Rotate?

While it may seem like an old fashioned custom, many mattress companies still recommend regularly rotating or flipping your mattress, particularly those which are made from memory foam, latex foam, inner spring or are a hybrid.

Not only does regularly rotating your mattress ensure that overall wear is evened out and it's lifespan is prolonged, it also helps to keep your spine in alignment which is crucial to getting a good nights sleep and staying back-pain free.

Sleeping in the same spot night after night will cause your bed to wear unevenly over time. This can result in sagging that will cause your spine to get out of alignment and could ultimately cause back pain and the need to purchase a new mattress.

By rotating your mattress, you're giving one area a chance to return to its usual position and a fresher spot to take on your body weight as you sleep.

How to Rotate Your Mattress

When we refer to "rotating", we are referring to the practice of moving it 180 degrees, so the position that was once at the head of your bed is now at the foot of the bed.

Most companies recommend rotating your mattress every three months or so, though make sure you check this with your mattress provider, as each mattress will come with individual care instructions.

When you rotate your mattress, mark a date or set a reminder in your phone of when it next needs to be done. Depending on your mattress and bed set up, it may be worth pausing mid-rotation to grab the vacuum cleaner and get into those hard to reach spots under and around the bed and mattress. And while you're at it, adding fresh clean sheets to the newly rotated bed will make you feel like you’ve got a brand new bed! As they say, many birds, one stone,

Why Flip?

This is an interesting question due to the fact that with the growing advancement of mattress technology, flipping may not be required or, in some cases, even recommended. 

Flipping a mattress requires you to turn it on its other side, so the side that was facing the underside of your bed is now on the top. Typically, innerspring models which have no pillow top can be flipped to enhance their prolonged performance, though again it's important to check with the company from which you purchase your mattress.

The act of flipping your mattress can help to prevent a sagging in the middle, causing depressions which can make it difficult to get a good night's sleep. While flipping your bed won't make it last indefinitely, depending on the make and model, it can extend its lifespan by several years.

How to Flip Your Mattress

If your mattress is one that needs to be flipped, there will likely be specific instructions tied to each mattress specifying how to do it. Nevertheless, the process is fairly straightforward: simply pick the mattress up and put it back on the frame with the opposite side facing upwards.

When moving the mattress, do so carefully and slowly so as to prevent any rips and tears, and always ask for a helping hand if you don't feel confident doing this by yourself.  

So while it may seem like an age-old practice, there's still a good reason for rotating and flipping your mattress! When purchasing a new mattress just remember to ask about rotating and flipping, and then it's simply a matter of keeping track of how regularly you should be doing this.


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