How To Mix Textures When Decorating Your Home

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When designing and decorating a home, colour scheme and furniture take precedence. But did you know that how you layer a room with texture can be the final step in presenting a stylish room. 

Layering different textures adds depth and warmth to a room, so while it may be impeccably styled, it also looks inviting and has personality.

Mixing textures is a great way to add points of interest to a room. Here’s how you can mix textures to create a stylish room and avoid clashing.

Use similar tones

If you’re new to mixing textures, use decor items that are of a similar colour scheme. This creates cohesion between the items and will allow them to blend in, while still making a statement. Choose an accent colour that you want to feature in the room, rather than the main colour, to avoid creating a single coloured room. 

Layer them

Mellow Chair in Teal Velvet

Don’t be afraid to layer textured items to create impact. Start with a single item, like a velvet chair or quilted bedspread, and slowly begin to use soft furnishings of different textures to complement them. It’s easy to go overboard, so when you finish, take one piece off, and you’ll have a beautifully layered piece. The Mellow Chair in Teal Velvet is elegantly styled with a fuzzy baby pink cushion - sometimes one layer is all you need!

Go unique

Texture doesn’t always include soft furnishings. It can also be found in the materials you use to build your home. A textured splashback or penny tiles in your bathroom will catch the light and act as a beautiful reflector. Pair a textured feature wall with a smooth benchtop or patterned wooden surface to create a stunning contrast. Make sure you start thinking about texture before you design a room, so you have the opportunity to blend textures in unexpected ways. 

Use different textures

You don’t want your room to feel one dimensional and the point of mixing textures is creating depth. To do this, your textures need to be different. This means choosing textures that have different patterns, lengths and materials. If you are layering a rug on carpet, choose a very textured pile rug or one that has a pattern woven into it to create height. It’s the same for cushions. Try pairing a unique texture like the Waffle Weave Cushion with a simple texture like the Velvet Cushion with Linen Piping

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