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When it comes to styling your home, you want an aesthetic that is unique and true to your own style sensibilities. Just as no two people are the same, no home should be a cookie-cutter of another. Your interiors should reflect an individual style and character that is a true reflection of,

Finding original and unique furniture in a world filled with knock-offs and replicas can be tricky, but once you lay eyes on the real thing, you know you've stumbled upon something truly magical.

"Magical" is the perfect way to describe the Icelandic Pampa Mariposa Chair in Grey. Only one in 100 sheep are born with the natural grey wool that adorns this kingly armchair, making it a unique statement in its own right.


Such a chair deserves the very best in styling, so it can take pride of place in your living room, bedroom or study. Today, we're sharing our professional advice on how to incorporate this exceptional piece into your home.


1. Create a "Cosy Winter Nook""

Nothing says "curl up" quite like a soft, luxurious statement armchair propped into a corner space. The Icelandic Pampa Mariposa is perfect for just this. With its alluring, soft lambskin and nimble legs, this is the perfect chair in which to relax and recline in.

"This chair is light on its legs," says Curious Grace stylist Anoek Wielakker.

"Don't be fooled by its hairy character and impressive size. It elegantly fits into a corner space due to the lightness of its architectural legs.

"Style your chair with a dash of negative space and simple side table by its side to create a warm and inviting space just asking to be sat in."

You can take this one step further and place it within reach of a bookcase, and you've got yourself the perfect quiet corner where you can stay curled up for hours. 

2. Know Your Textures

Such a texturally rich statement chair deserves pride of place in your home, and sometimes requires very little styling at all. Strip it back and really let the unique, textural beauty of this chair shine through.

"Less is definitely more when it comes to styling this exceptional chair", says Clarissa Cesar, Curious Grace's Wholesale Coordinator.

"The texture of this chair would be a very dominant layer in any space, so pair it simply with a smooth timber or concrete side table to balance out the look. If the table has elements of black through it, this will serve to help anchor the chair within the space."


3. Mix and Match

While perfect as a stand alone piece, the Icelandic Pampa Mariposa can also be styled alongside other furniture.

Given its bold character, consider pairing this chair with more simple, minimalist pieces that will compliment the look rather than clash with it. Place your Mariposa alongside a pair of simple leather chairs and streamlined coffee table to create a living room that perfectly achieves the balance between bold and restrained.


4. Embrace An Industrial Style

"The Icelandic Pampa Mariposa would work perfectly for an industrial aesthetic," says Curious Grace stylist, Jane Haussegger. "It works beautifully placed on slightly grungier concrete flooring, as it brings texture and warmth to the space."

To finish off the look, place it in a corner or open space with a side table and free standing Mantis Lamp, a Vintage poster and a green plant perched atop a window ledge nearby.





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