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Somewhere to curl up for family movie nights, entertain your friends or even accomodate an overnight guest, your sofa is an integral part of your home. This can make choosing the perfect one, from its style and shape through to colour and fabric, a daunting prospect for many.

The good news is, that no matter what your personal style, there's likely the perfect sofa to suit your taste, budget and lifestyle. But where to begin when you're on the hunt for the right piece?

Today, we're looking at all the things you should consider when choosing the perfect sofa for your living room.


Consider Function

Before you even set foot into a showroom, or start Googling "living room sofas", it's imperative that you consider the function you want your sofa to perform. If you have a large family that often congregates in your lounge room, then you'll likely need a larger, more durable sofa that will withstand supporting multiple bodies for many years to come. 

If you're someone who has regular guests or visitors then it pays to consider investing in a modular sofa, that can be transformed into a bed or sleeping area when needed.

Our Moln Modular Sofa is perfect if you frequently have gatherings with family and friends, as it can easily offer more varied seating options for larger groups.


Understand Upholstery

Leather, velvet, linen and synthetic; there's a wide range of fabrics available to you, with each giving your sofa a completely different look and feel. 

If you're looking for a family lounge that's stylish yet durable, synthetic fabric is incredibly hard-working and fade-resistant, making it ideal for families or if you have pets. Our NOFU 805 Sofa has polyester cushion covers, making them long-lasting and ideal for your family lifestyle.  


Size Matters

It doesn't matter what people say, when it comes to buying the perfect sofa for your living room, size does matter. Get overexcited and you could wind up with a couch that barley fits into your apartment, or undershoot and be left with a sofa swallowed up by a cavernous room.

When choosing, it always pays to go an see the sofa in person, as this will give you a visual idea of how the piece looks in a physical space. It's also very important to measure the current space you wish your sofa to be placed in. If you're replacing an old couch, measure that to get a good idea of the size you may wish to purchase.


Think Outside the Sofa

While sofas are typically the go-to when it comes to living room furniture, they're not your only option when it comes to seating selection. Daybeds and ottomans can be a great alternative, particularly if you're looking for seating for an office space or a spare bedroom.

Our Won Daybed in leather offers a professional look with its streamlined shape and sleek leather, making it the perfect space for your office or home-study. Its armrests and back support mean that it is still incredibly comfortable and inviting.



While it's important that your sofa looks the part, it's also imperative that it's comfortable. That is, after all, what sofas are for. For this reason, we recommend trying before you buy: when you think you've found your perfect match, go and test it out! Sit on it, lie on it, whatever it takes to make sure it ticks all of your boxes when it comes to comfort.

One of the elements that will effect a sofa's comfort the most is the cushion filling, which is typically foam, feather, or a combination of the two. Foam cushions will give your couch a sturdier feel and a more structured look, while feather-filled cushions give rise to a more relaxed, slouchier aesthetic.

For something in between, which is both soft and fluffy yet still supportive, choose a piece that is a blend of the two. The lux sofa, which features duck feather and fibre blend cushions, as well as springs and an eco-friendly timbre frame, is the perfect solution, nailing both function and form.


Accessorise Your Sofa with a Rug

Choosing the perfect accessories can make all the difference when it comes to making your new sofa look at home within your space.

One of the best ways to complete your living room look is with a stunning rug that complements your new lounge. Think about the kind of look you're trying to achieve and the colour palette you're playing with.


If you've chosen a darker colour for your sofa, opt for a rug in a pale tone to brighten the look, such as this Armadillo & Co Savannah Floor Rug.

And if you've chosen a slick fabric, such as leather, consider a more textural, fluffy rug to add warmth to the room. The 'Ghan' Floor Rug from Armadillo & Co offers a soft-to-the-foot feeling that instantly makes a space feel cosy and comfortable.


Now that you know how to choose the best sofa for your space, it's time to get creative. For inspiration on sofa styling, take a look at our blog "5 Ways to Style Our Favourite Francis Sofa" for unique tips and tricks to awaken your inner stylist.


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