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Need some inspo to get that Christmas cheer flowing? Look no further. We asked four of our team to share their Christmas menus, traditions and most importantly - wishlists!

Curious Grace Christmas



What Christmas album are you playing?

Mariah, always. 

Where are you celebrating?

My partner and I are visiting my parents in the nation's capital. They're ridiculous cooks so I'll be wearing my stretchy pants in preparation. It does mean leaving our cat, Penelope, behind, but I'll get her a seriously good present to make up for it (Fancy Feast, turkey flavour).

What’s your Christmas tradition?

Watching my brother eat his fourth serve of trifle.

What’s on the menu?

Smoked trout croissants and champagne for lunch. For dinner, individual spatchcocks, cauliflower au gratin, the trifle mentioned above (black forest, yum), and about 10 wheels of d'Affinois. Obviously, calories do not count on Christmas. 

Can you share your Curious Grace Christmas wishlist?

I'm going to subtlely leave this wishlist open on my laptop at home... 

The brand new artworks from Stan Piechaczek - particularly 'Brownie' 

Stan Piechaczek Brownie

The Icelandic Pampa Mariposa Grey Mix Chair. It looks like my cat, so I think she'd love it. 

Pampa Mariposa Icelandic Occasional Chair Curious Grace

Mr Pinchy's Larry the Lobster. I love lobster, I love brass, it's a match made in heaven. 

Mr pinchy larry lobster curious grace 


What Christmas album are you playing?

The Sinatra Christmas album is the only Christmas music I need.

Where are you celebrating?

At my family home with my parents, my sister and my beautiful kitty.

What’s your Christmas tradition?

On Boxing Day, my family usually jet over to Auckland to spend some time lying horizontally on the beach with my dad’s side of the family. We drink lots of wine and eat lots of yummy food for a week or two.

What’s on the menu?

We’re newly vegetarian this year so falafels, some good veggie sides and a lot of cheeses and dips.

Can you share your Curious Grace Christmas wishlist?

The Mellow Chair in Chartreuse Velvet. So low-key luxe - the colour, the velvet, the silhouette. I don’t even need an occasional chair but I NEED this chair. 

Mellow Chair Velvet Occasional Curious Grace

The Ethnicraft Oak Madra Queen Bed. Easily my favourite bed at the moment. It’s relationship to the floor is effortless and the thick bedframe means I can rest a book or mug on it and go sans-bedside table. 

ethnicraft madra queen size bed

Stan’s Piechaczek's La Piscina PiquanteIt’s fun, bright, and would be the perfect addition to a living space in a sharehouse.

Stan Piechaczek Curious Grace 


What Christmas album are you playing?

I start to play crooner's style music. It brings such a swing into the house.

Where are you celebrating?

Christmas Eve lunch with family either at home or a local park and we’ll try and do a low key Christmas Eve at home with myself, my husband and my almost two year old. Christmas day will be spent with family in Torquay.

What’s your Christmas tradition?

We’re going to start a new one this year regarding presents for my son. “Something he wants, something he needs, something to wear and something to read". I already know I’ve gone overboard.

I’m also considering the Christmas Eve present of new pyjamas and movie snacks for Christmas movies.

What’s on the menu?

Crepes for breakfast and contemporary salads for lunch. The Forest Feast is great inspiration for meal planning.

Can you share your Curious Grace Christmas wishlist?

This year, I'm all about a bedroom update and I’m surprisingly inspired by blues.

The Blue Water Pillowcase

blue water pillowcase curious grace

The Bonnie and Neil Kookaburra Print

Bonnie and Neil kookaburra print curious grace

A Normann Copenhagen Brilliant Box in Turquoise

normann copenhagen brilliant box turquoise



What Christmas album are you playing? 

No Christmas albums, but Last Christmas by Wham! is still great, otherwise, we have the radio on in the background.

Where are you celebrating?

My boyfriend and I normally alternate each year as to whose family we spend Christmas Day with. This year we’ve got Christmas lunch at his mum's house.

What’s your Christmas tradition?

I’m always in charge of cooking the roast veggies, other than that my family doesn’t have any real traditions as we try to keep the day pretty casual. 

My little brother and I have a relatively big age gap so I try to spoil him as much as I can and make the day special. Although, I think he is just getting to the age where he knows what’s really happening. 

What’s on the menu? 

Roast everything and plenty of salads!

Can you share your Curious Grace Christmas wishlist? 

Mango Chair in Slate Velvet 

Mango chair curious grace velvet

Marble Basics Baby Moss Round Tray

Marble Basics Baby Moss Tray

Marble Basics Blanc Neo Vase

Blanc neo vase marble basics curious grace


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