4 Simple Ways to Get Your Home (and life) Organised In the New Year

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 Gabriel Tan Wave Shelf

With the New Year comes the promise of new beginnings and fresh starts. Given that your home plays a big role in how you feel and live, it's a great place to begin implementing change and structure to help set you up for the year ahead.

It’s an excellent time to consider how each space in your home serves you (or doesn’t) and find simple ways to make improvements so you can live your most beautiful and fulfilling life.

Organisation offers us more time for what matters most. And best of all, it means we can live with less stress and more joy every day, and that's a resolution worth undertaking!

Here are 4 simple ways you can get your home organised so you have the best start to the year.

1. Stylish Storage

Investing in some beautiful storage won't only help you to declutter, but also add some serious style to your home.

Choosing the right shelves or sideboard for your living room is a great way to reclaim your floor space and organise your living room, giving you plenty of space to store everything from your favourite magazines to the kid's DVDs. 

Our Gazzda Muse Room Divider, with its impressive yet simple structure is a beautiful addition to the modern living room, while the Ethnicraft Oak Nordic Sideboard offers plenty of space to hideaway objects with its 4 doors.

2. Create a Bedroom Sanctuary

With life full of so many daily stressors, consider ways that your own bedroom can inspire rest and relaxation, leaving you feeling calm and ready to take on every day.

Streamline the storage with wardrobes and bedside tables with drawers that help hide away clutter, so when you enter your room you feel instantly more at ease. 

Consider the whole aesthetic of your bedroom, along with its function. Certain colours are better suited to evoking calm and sleep, while investing in an incredible mattress will ensure you get your best year's sleep.

3. Clear Away the Clutter

Over the last year you've no doubt accumulated piles of 'stuff' that have been quietly growing in every cupboard, wardrobe and shelf in your home. Now's the time to do something about them.

Set aside a good few hours to tackle the worst areas, whether it be your wardrobe, pantry or desk. Throw out the things you haven't used (and likely never will) and arrange those you want to keep.

Keep necessities in easily accessible places that still stop them from cluttering up your spaces. We love this Lada Leather Sofa organiser as a handy way to store remote controls.

4. Streamline Your Entry Hall

Being able to walk in the front door without tripping on shoes, backpacks and shopping bags will help set the tone for a clear, uncluttered home (and life!), helping you to feel free of stress when you walk in the door.

A beautiful bench, such as our Ethnicraft Straight Bench, is a great place to tuck away shoes, helping to keep your entry or hall way trip-free.



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