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Furoshiki: the art of zen gift wrapping

Gift wrapping is a simple way to make sure your gift is just as memorable on the outside as it is on the inside, so you can watch the faces of your friends and family light up before they even untie the ribbon.

Amongst the craziness of Christmas, it also offers the perfect opportunity to take some time out for yourself and enjoy a quiet moment of creativity. This year, we're embracing the art of Furoshiki, a traditional Japanese method of gift wrapping that will bring a little more peace into your Christmas.

What is Furoshiki?

A traditional Japanese method of using cloth to wrap up and transport gifts, Furoshiki has been used for over 1200 years in Japan, with the word furoshiki originating during the Edo period (1603-1868). This was when cloths were commonly used in bath houses as a bath mat or to wrap clothes. Hence, the word furoshiki translates to 'bath spread'.

While Japanese culture is not alone in using fabric wrapping, furoshiki has a distinctive style reflecting the cultures interest in ceremony, beauty, multi-functional objects and thoughtful detail in approaching everyday living.

This art form is the perfect way to convey thoughtfulness and courtesy through the care taken in the choice of wrapping and in the way the fabric is folded and tied. Furthermore, the use of fabric rather than paper shows the way that Furoshiki embraces the philosophy of eco-friendly living and can help you reduce your environmental footprint this Christmas.

How To Achieve It

All you need to do is choose a square piece of cloth and get folding! There are a couple of variations of Furoshiki, but each is very simple. Watch this tutorial to achieve this look for yourself.




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