From Silver Screen to Textile Designer: Interview with Katrina Hobbs

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From travel-show host to soap star, business presenter and now textiles designer, Katrina Hobbs has definitely had what you would call a dynamic career.

One thing that has remained consistent throughout this however, has been her desire to elicit specific emotions from her audience, whether that be through acting or her designs. 

Today, we sit down with New Zealand-born Hobbs to talk about what drew her to the world of design, her stunning range of printed cushions When Doves Cry, Blushing elements and Iron Butterfly and why they're the perfect gift for Mother's Day. 


Perhaps most known for her role as Dr Kelly Watson on long-running Australian soap, Home and Away, it was her jobs as the hosts of travel shows 3D Planet and Out and About that really began Katrina's love of beautiful design and architecture.

"I hosted a couple of great shows here in New Zealand and Internationally that introduced me to some of the most stunning architecture and interiors throughout the world and that really piqued my interest in that area," she says.

It was this that led her to enrol in the Sydney Design School in 2011, where her focus was on interior design, advanced colour and textiles.

"While I was studying at Sydney Design School, I discovered a real attraction to textiles and colour, I was able to focus on this in my final semester and from there began to formulate my initial collection, which only consisted of about 4 cushion designs!"

Since then, Katrina has come a long way, building an established brand across New Zealand, Australia, Europe and the US. She is also preparing to open her first retail store in Ponsonby, Auckland.

Curious Grace is excited to now be offering cushions from three of Katrina's collections. Blushing Elements, Katrina explainsis a collection inspired from a sense of movement and change. "I’d been travelling a great deal and taken numerous photos from the air, the valleys and streams create an extraordinary landscape from above," she says.

"Both When Doves Cry and Iron Butterfly are among the first designs I created," she says. "Playing with inks and water to adjust the depth of colour along with differing brushstrokes helped create the feeling of flight that this collection was all about."

Each cushion within this collection is beautifully textural, printed on pure linen and silk-based velvet, and is based around a story; perhaps that of Katrina's travels, light or experiences in nature.

With Mother's Day approaching, Katrina's cushions offer a personal gift that tells its own story through unique patterns and colours.

"There’s something lovely about giving textiles, as they can do so much to enhance a space," she says.

"Personally, I always want to give my Mum something that reflects how incredibly special she is to me. I think these pieces do that, given the stories involved in creating them and the gorgeous textures of the fabrics."

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