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Strong yet feminine, on-trend though timeless, bold and oh so beautiful, our new Francis Sofa really does strike the perfect balance of yin and yang. With its rounded curves it's a sofa that evokes an undeniable softness, though its fuller form and sturdy turned legs will see it stand the test of time.

Needless to say, this is a sofa that indeed prompts excitement - whether you're an interior design aficionado or not - and it's easy to see how it would take pride of place in any home or office space. 

While very distinctive, the Francis sofa is extremely versatile, seeing it perfectly at home in a multitude of spaces, from an industrial loft apartment through to a softy-styled family living room.

Here, our team of professional stylists reveal some of their favourite ways to style the Francis.


Less is More

For a piece with so much distinguished character already, sometimes less is more according to Curious Grace Stylist Emily O'Brien. 

"I like to strip back on the styling with this sofa", she says. "It has such a strong presence with its rounded arms and turned legs, it really works well with minimal fuss.

"Because of its graceful design I wouldn't overwhelm it too much. Adding a small touch of texture, be it a cushion or a throw, will allow its beautiful form to be the focus of any room."

The New Classic

"The Francis is a modern and contemporary take on the traditionally rolled arm castor legged sofa," says Curious Grace Stylist Paul McQuillan.

"To help this sofa perfectly integrate into the modern home, I would suggest pairing it with a cowhide rug, which will help to emphasise the beautifully turned legs."

To keep things contemporary, opt for a glass-topped coffee table, such as our Triple X Low Coffee Table, which will show off the texture of the cowhide and form of the Francis in all their glory.  

Back to the Future

With a subtly retro feel, the Francis sofa adds a touch of old-world glamour to your interiors. It's artfully turned legs, an example of fine craftsmanship in their own right, and tufted back subtly reference styles of the 60s and 70s.

"With its elegant arms and traditional tufted back, this sofa has a beautiful retro feel, says Curious Grace stylist Anoek Wielakker.

"To play on this I would upholster it in a classic yet warm fabric, like a chartreuse velvet or, for a more masculine feel, try a navy wool mix."

Coupling the francis with accessories that subtly hint at this genre will round out the look nicely, without your room becoming overwhelmed by the style. 

"Incorporate a simple yet inviting rug, like our Atlas rug, into the look, as the classic geometric lines of this rug will suit this sofa perfectly," says Anoek. "And pick up the accents of the funky legs with some darker timbers and warm brass tones.

"Lastly add some texture - a sheepskin throw draped casually over the back will do the trick nicely!"

Contemporary Edge

There's something about the Francis that makes us immediately think of an achingly cool New York loft apartment. Despite its vintage femininity, with the right styling it can look perfectly at home in a much more contemporary, industrial space.

Adding industrial touches, such as our charcoal powder coated Hoytt floor lamp and Poller coffee table, gives this sofa a strong contemporary look, making it feel less vintage and more urban.


Full of Character

Full of character and personality, the Francis sofa can certainly hold its own in a room. However, if you wish to play up its charming idiosyncrasies, pair it with another quirky piece to really make a statement.

An original piece of art or uniquely shaped lamp will create a look that is at once eclectic and harmonious.


If you loved the Francis Sofa, take a look at these 4 divine sofas that will have you immediately falling in love! 


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