Family Favourite: The Moln Sofa

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When it comes to choosing the perfect sofa for your family there's a lot to take into consideration; you need a sofa that seats your family, is durable enough to withstand crumbs, little feet (and paws!), and is comfortable enough to curl up on altogether. Adding to this, you want a sofa that's just as beautiful as it is practical.

This seems like a tall order for just one sofa, but time and time again our Moln Sofaprooves to be one that ticks all these boxes.


Fabric & Frame Durability

The customisable nature of the Moln Sofa means there's a wide range of fabrics available to upholster. This means that you can choose a fabric which best suits your required needs. For example, leather might be a good choice for pets, as their hair won't cling to this fabric, however something like a cotton-poly blend might be slightly more tenacious for young children.

Furthermore, with a cold foam inner core, fibre paddings and a solid timber inner frame, this is a sofa that will hold its shape - no matter how many little people are playing on it!

Shape & Size

Moln's high-level of customisation also allows you to create a shape and size that is best suited to your space. Whether it's a 2-seater for a small home or apartment or 4-seater with a chaise for an open-plan living and dining space, the Moln can cater for you.


See What Our Clients Say...

Initially, Claire struggled to find the right sofa for her Albert Park home, needing something that fitted well into her new home but was still spacious and comfortable enough for her young son.

It wasn't until Curious Grace stylist Paul McQuillan recommended the Moln Sofa that Claire found the perfect piece. Now, when pressed to choose her favourite item of furniture she always comes back to her Moln Sofa

"If I had to choose a favourite piece in the house, which is really hard to do because they all work together, it’s absolutely the Moln sofa", she says.

"We use it a lot and it’s such a good space for my son to come and watch television or read a book while I'm cooking in the kitchen... It’s just so comfortable, and homely... just the look of it is so inviting."

Click here to watch the video of Claire's home transformation, or book in for your own interior styling consultation here.


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