Don't Just Give Her Flowers this Mother's Day

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With Mother's Day just around the corner, it's time to say thank you to the most important woman in your life. Since birth, she's provided you with love, free food, and car trips to and from your extra-curricular activities. While a bunch of flowers is beautiful, they don't really stand up to the test of a Mother's Love.

With this in mind, we've put together a gift guide of our favourite vases and vessels and beautiful soft furnishings, so you can give her a unique, personal piece that will last much longer than roses.

And if YOU are a Mum, don't forget to treat yourself to some of these beautiful pieces too - go on, you deserve it.


The Versatile Vase

Ro's Hurricane Vases take their inspiration from the antique kerosene lamps, where a tall cylinder of glass spreads the light and protects the flame from the surroundings.

For this reason, the beauty of these vases is that they can not only be used to display flowers, but also candles. 

Depending on which colour is chosen, the variations of coloured glass create a different atmosphere; light and simple in the crystal clear glass, warm and cosy with amber or classic ambience in smoked grey.

The Handcrafted Vase

In a world that's so often chaotic, Roshi's designs evoke a stillness and sense of calm that will allow your Mum to slow down and enjoy life's small, beautiful moments. 

Formed from porcelain, each of these handcrafted pieces featuresunique surface patterns and beautiful textures making them true works of art.

Roshi's Lunar Vase (available in oxide and chalk & ink) is a unique gift that will make a beautiful statement placed in your Mum's favourite space.


The Velvet Cushions

 From her Blushing Elements collection, these new offerings from textiles designer Katrina Hobbs are inspired by a sense of movement and change.

"I’d been travelling a great deal and taken numerous photos from the air," designer Katrina Hobbs said. "The valleys and streams create an extraordinary landscape from above."

The stunning abstract designs channelling blush rivers and forest green swirls are enhanced by the luxurious velvet fabric it's printed upon. 

"There’s something lovely about giving textiles as a Mother's Day gift, as they can do so much to enhance a space.

"Personally, I always want to give my Mum something that reflects how incredibly special she is to me. I think these pieces do that, given the stories involved in creating them and the gorgeous textures of the fabrics," she says.

Read our in-depth interview with Katrina Hobbs here.


 The Designer Vase

Created around the notion of making the "the world a better, less complicated and a little bit nicer to wake up to", Menu's Echasse Vase is a sculptural art piece in its own right.

Combining the classic elegance of a traditional glass vase with a playful, light expression, its rounded base is anchored by four slender legs that resemble stilts.

Elegant, timeless and completely beautiful. Read more about Menu's range here.

The Luxury Sheets

Designed in Australia and made from 100% French linen, Bedouin Societe's range of fitted sheets, flat sheets and pillowcases are the necessity in your life you don't need until you've tried them. Once you curl up into these soft, temperature-regulating sheets you'll never go back.

This is pure luxury as you've never felt before and yes, you definitely need to experience this.

The Minimalist Vase

These Flower Vases are deeply rooted in the love of craftsmanship, quality and tranquillity. Created by the Danish-based company Ro, these delicate vases will give your Mum a chance to find beauty in simplicity and marvel at everyday moments.  

The Flower Vases from this range are mouthblown and have individual air bubbles and variations in colours and transparency. Each piece has a strong and robust form, contrasting with the fading coloured tint at the bottom, which hides the flower water and gives the illusion of the flower emerging from nothingness.



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