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With a penchant for Bedouin Societe Linen (at the last count she had four sets!) and an eye for all things design, our interior stylist, Jordan, has you sorted with her top tips for styling your bedroom retreat. And it all starts with Pinterest. 

Take it away, Jordan!

Karpenter Vintage Bed Curious GraceKarpenter Vintage Bed in Satin Black

With an array of colours trending at the moment, it's important to stay true to yourself when choosing a colour scheme for the bedroom. Having trouble knowing where to start? Jump on Pinterest and start pinning pictures you're naturally drawn to. You'll begin to notice a common theme that will allow you to establish your colour palette. Before you get excited and start painting all your walls royal blue it's best to start with a clean and minimal base and begin to layer colour through different shades and textures.

The bedroom is your sanctuary to unwind so invest in quality and functional furniture which could include a beautiful solid timber bed and bedsides, such as our stunning Linear bed. I like to work from the floor up so next focus on a rug that feels cosy underfoot and will add texture or a pop of colour to your space. Depending on the size of your bedroom it's always wise to opt for a larger rug to draw the eye outwards and create the illusion of space.

Linear Walnut Bed Curious Grace

Linear Queen Bed in Walnut

Art can inject a sense of personality into your bedroom, try a larger piece above your bed to make a statement and have fun with colour. Stay true to your own sense of style opposed to picking something that is ‘on trend’ and don’t be scared to play with form, a bigger piece of artwork in soft colours still makes just as much of an impact than a loud piece of art.


Karpenter Vintage Chest in Satin Black

As you spend a lot of time in bed, quality bed linen is a huge must. My favourite is our Bedouin Societe range that looks and feels like heaven! With a wide range of shades that work well together, it’s impossible to get it wrong. Try mixing it up with a different colour duvet cover to pillowslips and layer with cushions and a throw. If you’re struggling with cushion colours it’s always handy to pick a less dominant colour from your art and work from there.

Bedouin Societe Linen Curious Grace

Bedouin Societe Linen

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