Christmas Table Arrangements to Inspire and Delight

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While Christmas can be a frantic time of year, it also gives those with a keen interest in interior design and style to take advantage of the opportunity to create beautiful spaces for our friends and family to enjoy.

The dining table is to Christmas lunch what Santa's reindeer are to his sleigh: absolutely necessary. But functionality isn't all it has to offer. Your table is the perfect place to create a beautiful scene that's just as impressive as the pavlova you serve on it. So, whatever look you're going for, here are 4 Christmas table arrangements that will make your Christmas beautiful. 

1. Australiana

The Australian Christmas is a world away from the snow-coated, white Christmases of the Northern Hemisphere, so why not embrace it? An Australian-centric table setting strewn along a long extendable table allows you to capture the natural beauty of this country right at your dining table.

To achieve this look, source native plants, such as wattle, eucalyptus leaves, native red berries and gumnuts. Strewn these casually along the length of your table, leaving enough space to place white candles. Simple and elegant, yet still paying homage to our native bush. 

 2. The Hanging Centrepiece 

With your table likely so full of food on Christmas day, it makes sense to take your decorations up a notch.... literally. Furthermore, a hanging centrepiece isn't just practical, it's also incredibly impressive and will make your Christmas feasting feel extra special. For a contemporary look, keep it simple using plain foliage with minimal flowers.

Strip your table setting right back, using just the essentials so that your beautiful hanging masterpiece is the focal point.  

3. Simple Elegance

With so many decorations available at this time of year, it can be easy to get carried away, but oftentimes simple is best. Select tableware, such as vases and candlesticks in a 2-toned colour palette - here we've used brass and white in our Skyward Candle Holders and Roshi vases.

Choose pieces in various heights and shapes, just make sure they don't obscure anyone's view. Fill these with a few minimal floral arrangements, a few artfully placed branches can be enough, and space these evenly along your table. 


4. Playful Modern

Coloured glass vessels and elements of brass and gold add a touch of warmth and vibrancy that welcomes guests to your table. Choose vessels in different heights, shapes and materials to create a playfully eclectic look. You can enhance this look even more by mixing and matching your dining chairs!

To keep your table looking cohesive rather than chaotic, choose a few vases and ornaments in the same colour.



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December 14, 2018


I love the arrangements for this Christmas theme. Do you have the hanging leaf arrangements for sale? Tips to make? The styling is beautiful.

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