Build Your Own Winter Bedroom Sanctuary

With cooler months ahead of us, we're looking at ways we can create cosy, intimate bedroom spaces that promote rest and relaxation. Using textured layers, rich timbers and muted colours throughout this area of your home will help create a sanctuary you can turn to when the wind is howling outside and the sky becomes dark at 5pm.

Beginning and ending your day in a beautiful bedroom will completely change how you feel. With that in mind, we've pulled together some winter styling tips along with some of our favourite products to help you build your perfect bedroom sanctuary.

ethnicraft teak hp bed

1. Choose Dark Timbers

Opting for furniture in teak and walnut will immediately give your bedroom a sense of warmth and cosiness.

Ethnicraft's HP Bed in Teak is the perfect example of this, with its smooth surfaces and straight edges softened by the rich and luxurious nature of this teak timber, making it the perfect place to cocoon yourself in winter. There's a timeless beauty to the sharp and minimalistic silhouette of this piece that brings function and design together. 

This simple, contemporary shape will sit well in most bedrooms and looks beautiful when styled with layers of linen sheets in colours of olive green, fawn browns and navy blues.

Pair this piece with matching Ethnicraft HP Bedsides in teak and you'll have the makings of a sophisticated bedroom.

 bedouin societe linen

2. Layer Up

Layering your bed in fabrics of various colours  and textures creates a cosy and inviting space. Curious Grace Styling Consultant Catherine Prowse recommends linen as an easy fabric to layer.

"The simplicity, texture and natural beauty of this product means you can style your bed in a completely casual way, and it still looks good," she says.

"Start with your standard linen sheets and quilt cover, then add a textured linen throw. You can keep it simple, or choose tassels for even more impact.

"Keep colour monochromatic or, if you're feeling brave, use a mixture of colour from our Bedouin Societe range. I personally love the colour hues of sea storm , flax, ash and fog put together for a tranquil place to rest my headp.

Click here to see our full guide on Mastering the Art of Layering Linens.

ethnicraft oak madra bed

3. Opt for Quality Over Quantity

When styling your bedroom, have minimalism at the forefront of your mind and invest in high-quality pieces that are as functional as they are beautiful. This will keep your space looking calm and clutter-free.

"Bedrooms are a place to unwind and zone out from our busy lives, so furniture for this space should be well considered," says Clifton Hill showroom Manager Sally Smyth. 

"Our Ethnicraft Oak Nordic ii Bed with Drawers is the perfect example of a piece that works doubly as hard; it's not only a sophisticated, elegant bed but also offers additional storage. The low configuration of Ethnicraft's Madra Bed makes this piece, too, extremely functional, with the extended base able to be used as an alternative to bedsides."

Gazzda caffe toledo leather bed

 4. Add Luxurious Textures

Whether it's a cowhide, sheepskin or velvet, adding a hint of these luscious materials are a simple way to add depth and warmth to your bedroom in winter. 

Try placing a velvet chair, such as our Penelope Quilted Occasional Chair, in the corner of the room to create an ideal reading nook. Or choose a bed with a textured headboard - such as our Gazzda Caffe Bed - with its striking dark leather accent.


Your bedroom really can be a sanctuary from the cold winds of winter; a place in which to cocoon yourself away to ensure you're kept warm and snug. By styling it just so, you'll be able to create the kind of space you never want to leave - even come summertime.

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