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All About Bettina Brent - Your New Favourite Interior Designer

Bettina Brent is the true definition of a triple threat. She somehow manages to balance a career in interior design, the renovations of houses with her husband all while raising three beautiful children. We need a nap just thinking about it! 

However, if Bettina finds this challenging, she doesn't let it show. A scroll through her Instagram will leave you feeling calm and inspired. It's all light airy spaces, natural textures and a whole lot of plant life. It's really no wonder she was one of two winners in our Style Curator challenge! 

We caught up with Bettina to discuss her first ever design project, her passion for Pintrest and what's on her Curious Grace wish list. 

Normann Copenhagen Block Table

The Normann Copenhagen Block Table in Bettina's home

Thanks for chatting Bettina - congratulations on your Style Curator Challenge win! How have you styled your brand new Normann Copenhagen Block Table at home?

Thank you for choosing me to win this amazing piece! I am currently using the block table as a bedside, with a stack of books and magazines. I love styling with something organic - flowers, one of my plants and always a candle.

Have you always had an interest in design? Tell us about your first ever project.

As a kid, I loved design and art. I did work experience with an interior designer who allowed me to play around with mood boards. That was the start of my collection for my dream house. I'm married to a builder and we’ve been renovating old houses ever since we met. Our first project was the extension and renovation of a tiny, dark, semi-detached house in Malvern East, transforming it into a beautiful light filled home. 

How would you describe your design style?

I have a mix of styles, but I’m definitely influenced by mid-century and Danish design with a bit of modern-boho mixed in. I love restoring and reusing second hand furniture from op-shops, eBay or council collections. I then put them together with natural textures, throws, cushions and lots of plants.

Bettina Brent Interior Stylist

As a mother, how do you balance aesthetics and practicality in your house?

I’m not as precious as I used to be. Having three primary school aged children, they are constantly making mess. I think having storage is important. I use toy boxes or baskets, designated drawers for crafts and cupboards to hide school bags and shoes. I want them to have memories of a comfortable home, not a show home.

In your opinion, what is the one feature every bedroom should have?

In my home, it’s a chair. From an old dining chair I’ve repainted, a family heirloom I've reupholstered in grey velvet or my favourite ‘Danish Deluxe’ chair I found in hard rubbish. I love chairs. 

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

I still love a physical mood board - collecting pictures, materials, colours and tiles, feathers and shells from walks with the kids. I always go to my Pinterest folders that have evolved over time too. Instagram is also an amazing source of inspiration, there are so many talented designers and like-minded interior-obsessed people.

Danish Design Chairs Fluffy Pillows Natural

If your home was a song, what would it be?

Welcome to the Jungle by Guns N' Roses! I love my plants, the kids are pretty wild and I’m an 80’s tragic. 

If you could invite five people, dead or alive, for dinner, who would they be and why do they score an invite?

My dream home would be an original Mid-Century design, so I would have either Harry Seidler or Robin Boyd.

I would also love to have Florence Knoll. Still alive and a hugely successful architect and furniture designer, she collaborated with so many other creatives in her long career. 

Keeping with this era, Audrey Hepburn. She’s so classy and graceful. I love her quotes and my favourite is framed in my daughter’s room. "Happy girls are the prettiest”.

George Michael, because his music is interwoven with so many stages in my life.

Robert Downey Jr. Not only is he a versatile actor with a personal life that could be a movie, but also because he’s my all-time crush.

What would you cook?

A communal Middle Eastern meal

What piece from Curious Grace is next on your wish list?

I currently do not have a pendant over the dining table because I keep changing my mind on which one, so it would be the Bell Lamp in black. 

Quick three!

Colour or neutrals?


Winter or Summer?


Netflix or Books?


Normann Copenhagen Bell Lamp Pendant Black

Normann Copenhagen Bell Lamp  


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