A Closer Look at Artisan

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With incredible furniture from Artisan now sitting in our showrooms, we're excited to delve a little deeper into a few pieces from this collection, so you can see for yourself just how spectacular they really are.


Latus Dining Table

Designed by Salih Testeredzic the Latus Dining Table is a stunning piece. With its table top seamlessly flowing into the legs the whole design has a sense of uninterrupted harmony.

Made from solid hardwood this piece has received a German Design Award Nomination and Interior Innovation Award, and it's not hard to see why.

Artisan's intention behind the Latus collection was to create furniture that encapsulates strength, nature and the poetics of timber as a material through its soft, flowing aesthetics.

The organic form, honesty and logical approach to timber combined with the Artisan's innovative technology and their traditional craftsmanship processes, results in the production of this exquisite and unique dining table.

Neva Chair

The Neva Collection - one of Artisan's best selling - has evolved with new products year by year, seeing the addition of the beautifully light-weight Neva Chair in 2015.

Designed by Croatian designers Ruder Novak-Mikulic and Marija Ruzic, this chair features sensual and fluid form expressed through soft, angular edges and transitions. The tilted and arched backrest flows down into the armrests, creating one continuous line that descends into the front legs.

Cloud Sideboard

With smooth and gently flowing corners and its beautiful solid timber surface, the Cloud Sideboard is treated with natural oils and wax that emphasise the luxurious and organic beauty of wood's texture.

This piece epitomises the organic, honest nature of Artisans designs, which allow the craftsmanship and quality of the woodwork to sing.

Shift Lamp

With its long limber legs and large rounded shade, Artisan's Shift Lamp is both elegant and quirky.

Awarded the Muuuz International Award and the German Design Award Special Mention, one of the main attractions of this design is its capability to create both direct and ambient lighting.

The sculptural form consists of a leather shade, which can be requested in various colours, and solid timber supports.


Click here to view the full range of Artisan products, which can all be completely tailored to suit your home.

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