5 Colours to Add Warmth to Your Home

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With the cool chill of autumn setting in, the desire to snuggle up indoors is starting to rise. Now's the perfect time to look at ways to make your spaces cosy and inviting, so you can enjoy the cold from the warmth of your home.

One of the simplest ways to add warmth and vibrancy is to incorporate certain colours into your styling palette, whether that be with a few cushions or a piece of furniture.

Here are some of our favourite tones to make your home hearty this Autumn.

Pictured: Francis sofa in old rose & Carved brass-look coffee table.

Soft Terracotta

This incredibly earthy tone instantly makes us think of warm, long summer evenings. While quite a bold choice, by incorporating this colour into your palette in small amounts, for example a few well-placed cushions, you'll achieve just the right amount of heat.

Pictured: Penelope quilted occasional chair in dust berry velvet and navy velvet & Mr Frag Occasional service table.

Dusty Pink

While there's still a place for playful pastel pink, choose dustier counterparts for cooler months, such as rosy neutrals and dusty blush.

These timeless, slightly muted tones work easily with other colours, allowing you to play with layers and textures. Try adding sheepskin throws and cushions to these pink-hued pieces as a way to cosy up your space.

Pictured: Nofu 644 low stool, Reindeerrug & Gazzda Fawn armchair.

Woodland Shades

Neutral tones of oatmeal, mushroom grey, pale browns and fern-inspired greens give rise to a sense of comfort and relaxation.

These earthy colours blend together to create an old world, naturalist feel, giving a sense of bringing the outside in without the addition of the cold weather.

Try incorporating darker timbers, such as teak and walnut into your home, as these will add extra depth and contrast.

Pictured: Ethnicraft Spindle bed and bedsides in walnut, assorted Bedouin bed linen & Mango chair in forest green.

Deep Green

Deep greens that are inspired by (but not directly reflective of) nature will bring the healing properties of the outdoors into your home, without feeling overly arboreal. Our Mango Armchair in forest green velvet is both energising and cosy.

Pictured: Artisan Cloud sideboard in walnut.

Gold & Bronze Accents

Paired with black and white marble or natural timbers, small amounts of metallic accents will add a warm glow to your spaces as well as a beautiful contemporary touch.  

Try a marble side table with brushed gold legs, such as our Elle Luxe Marble Coffee Table, or a beautiful Ro Hurricane Vase with a delicate gold finish.

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