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Online shopping from the comfort of your own sofa has its perks. Pyjamas are acceptable attire, wine is a more than acceptable beverageandyou get to feel the shopping high twice! Once at checkout and then once again in 2-5 business days.

There is something missing though - the experience. Be it, incredible staff, Instagram-worthy architecture or original artworks, these concept stores make a seriously good case for leaving the house.


In a three-story townhouse on the Upper East Side sits Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s luxury clothing brand, The Row. Curated by Parisian Interior Designer, Jacques Grange, this space features a marble spiral staircase connecting the three levels, where you will discover artworks by Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring, an original Calder mobile and a Frank Lloyd Wright mirror. Oh, and did we mention that everything is for sale? We’ll just leave you to ponder that while booking flights to NYC.

the row new york

The Row, New York City. Image Credit: Vogue


Taking inspiration from the bookshop’s waterside location, Shanghai-based design studio XL-MUSE, created floor to ceiling arched shelves, which reflect off the black mirrored flooring. And that’s just the lobby! The futuristic concept store includes a main reading room with curved white pillars and soft ambient lighting as well as a children's space equipped with a starry night sky. Look, if they made school libraries like this we would have spent less time googling Cliff Notes and more time actually reading.


Yangzhou Zhongshuge, China. Image Credit: Shao Feng

Yangzhou Zhongshuge China

Yangzhou Zhongshuge, China. Image Credit: Shao Feng


Walking into an Aesop store there's always a risk that you’ll leave with an empty bank account - but we’re okay with it because Aesop’s perk, along with it’s divine products, is their store experience.

Their recently opened store in London’s Chelsea was designed by Norwegian architects, Snøhetta, and stands in the former Army Territorial Barracks. It’s futuristic in form and features sweeping arches that emerge from a central sink - surrounded by a pool of water. Look, it’s kinda hard to explain so just have a look at the pictures and then pick your jaw up off the floor.

Aesop chelsea london

Aesop, London. Image credit: HypeBeast

Aesop, London Chelsea

Aesop, London. Image credit: HypeBeast


Victor Churchill is a butcher, but before you start conjuring up images of the Coles deli section, hear us out. Based in Sydney’s Woollahra, Victor Churchill is what a butcher would look like if Karl Lagerfeld curated it’s classy. Described by food god, Anthony Bourdain, as “the world’s most beautiful butcher shop”, Victor Churchill features custom copper and glass shelving, timber wall panelling, an Italian marble slab floor and a floor-to-ceiling Himalayan salt brick wall to assist in dry-ageing specialty cuts of meat.

It’s expensive, but so is the theatre.

Victor Churchill Sydney

Victor Churchill, Sydney. Image credit: Pintrest

Victor Churchill Butcher Sydney

Victor Churchill, Sydney. Image credit: Astor Metal Finishes

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